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3y ago

Here's Proof That Some Things Never Change: Festive Edition

Neha D'Souza
Things never changed; Tabhi bhi, abhi bhi

The festive season is here and we’re super excited! Aren’t we? Because while everything around you is changing, there are some things that never changed. Maybe this is why we love the festive season so much. Kyunki sab same hi hai, tabhi bhi, abhi bhi!
Here are 6 things during the festive season that hold true: then and now

1. The Fear Of Patakhas: Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab, patakhon se lagta hai! 
Actually, I get scared of both, but I just wanted to be filmy. Seriously though, I find patakhas super scary, tabhi bhi, abhi bhi. They’re like the Arnab Goswami of fireworks. Why so loud, bro?Q

2. The Phuswali Phuljhadi: The almost lit but not so LIT moment.

You know, that moment when you think life’s going to be all lit but you just end up getting stuck in traffic? This phuljhadi is exactly like that. You’re all excited to light that phuljhadi, you go light it, it sparkles to give you hope. But nope, it ain’t gonna be lit today. It was the same tabhi bhi, abhi bhi.1

3. The Rishtedaars!: I know we’re related, but I don’t know how...

It’s that time where you meet your chacha ke bhatija ke mama ka beta and ponder over the question “Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai?” Yep. Every year we meet at least one new relative who asks you “Pehchaan kaun?” I guess this is the only time even Google can’t help me. So, I just smile and nod and it worked tabhi bhi, abhi bhi.

4. The Mithai Overload: Arey, muh toh meetha karlo!

It’s raining sweets! Either you visit people and they offer you sweets or they come home and they get you sweets, and you offer them sweets in return. Sweet pe sweet pe sweet, it’s like a sweet-ception! This was the same tabhi bhi, abhi bhi!

5. The Saaf Safaai: Chalo, ghar saaf karo!
Honestly, is it even festive season if Mom doesn't start cleaning the house since September itself?
She might turn a blind eye to your room looking like a dumping yard on other days but come festive season, you've got to keep it spotless. I used to think of changing my name to "Duster" tabhi bhi, abhi bhi. 


6. The Gaana Bajaana: Kyunki tyohaar mein nacha nahi toh kya kiya?
Music lit toh sab lit! I mean, why shor machana when you can do the gaana bajana right? So, dress up, eat up and call your yaars over already! Because they were your yaars tabhi bhi, abhi abhi.


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