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Foamy sans eggs!

Did you know? You can make your cocktails foamy without using egg whites. Yes, you heard it right!
So, keep the eggs aside for breakfast and try out these alternative options which are also easily available around you.

Aquafaba (Chickpeas brine)
To make aquafaba, take one cup of dried chickpeas and soak it overnight. Discard the water and put the chickpeas in a saucepan. Add some freshwater, cover and then simmer for 40 minutes after bringing to boil. Once cooked, drain and reserve the remaining liquid. 
When it cools down, pour the aquafaba into a clean bottle with a lid and refrigerate. And when you’re fixing a cocktail, add 3 to 4 tablespoons of aquafaba and shake it up!

2 egg.jpg

Coconut Foam
It’s time to go nuts with this one! Seriously, is there anything the coconut can not do? Okay, I’m digressing. To make coconut foam, all you need is a tin of regular coconut milk, 15ml lemon juice  and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Whip them up together and you’re done!

3 egg.jpg

Yes! Shaken thoroughly, pineapple juice can achieve that same thick layer of dense texture, soft foam on top of your cocktail. It sure brings in the tanginess and the smell of pineapples, but it’s delicious!

4 egg.jpeg

So, now that you know there are alternatives to egg to make your cocktail foamy, go ahead and explore some cocktails now.

*Drink Responsibly