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Cheese platter, Fruit platter, kebab platter, yum!

How often do you find yourself at work stressing about what to serve at a house party that you’d like to host? I’m an extremely enthusiastic planner, so much so that my Pinterest is filled with mood boards of different elements for a house party, right from party food to house party decor. And that is precisely what comes in handy!

I am always prepared when I really need to plan something. So you can thank me for this one! When you host house parties, you’d want to do things differently, especially in the food department. While finger foods are fun, they’re also done to death. Say hello to the new party trend - Food platters! Not only are party platters easy to eat, they’re simple with tons of different ingredients.

Think fruit platter, a cheese and chocolate platter...Are you drooling already?
1. Dessert Cheese Platter 
You can play around as much as you need with this one. Have an assortment of fruits, nuts, chocolate and different types of cheese on a single platter and serve this towards the end. This dessert cheese platter is the perfect party platter and it will legit never let you down! 
Pro tip - Best served with  of Black & White whisky! 

4 House Party Worthy Food Platters You’ll Want to Put Together
A Pretty Life In The Suburbs 

2. Veggie Vegan Platter 
Keep your health conscious guests happy with this delicious veggie vegan platter that’s light, scrumptious and oh-so-yum. All you need is different types of dairy free hummus, a basil pesto dip, olives and freshly chopped veggies like carrots and bell peppers. Not only is this good to eat, but it’s also very quick to make for when you have a lot of people over.

Pro tip - Make your hummus in a big batch beforehand, and refrigerate it. Refill it as and when needed!

4 House Party Worthy Food Platters You’ll Want to Put Together
Heather Christo

3. Meetha aur Namkeen Platter 
This has got to be my favourite one so far. Like most Indian households go, we love pairing our sweets with something salty on the side. This sweet and salty platter has a chocolate dip, crackers, fruits, salted nuts, cheese and pretzels. All of these ingredients are available in a store near you and in case you want a really sweet chocolate, switch the dip for a bowl of nutella and you’re good to go!
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4 House Party Worthy Food Platters You’ll Want to Put Together
Smart Little Cookie 

4. Fruit Platter 
While fruits aren’t exactly your standard ingredients for an appetizer platter, a well planned fruit platter really does the trick when you have guests over last minute. Make sure you cut each fruit into very small pieces enough for it to be dipped in a yoghurt. Next up we have honey, granola and some delicious Greek yoghurt and your fruit platter is ready! Keeping some empty bowls handy is a great way to make your guests pick what they’d want in their own fruit bowls. 

4 House Party Worthy Food Platters You’ll Want to Put Together
With Salt And Pepper 

Don’t forget to keep tissues and forks handy while serving any kind of party platter when you don’t want a huge mess on your hands for afterwards!
*Drink Responsibly!