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Thank you Netflix for this miracle!

Stand up comedy today is so much more than playing on gender jokes and dry humour. With intelligent comedians like Vir Das around, the stand-up culture has taken on a new role in society, one where content mirrors what we see around us, finally! 

Right from Vir Das - Losing it to Vir Das - For India, this funny man covers hot topics that leave you wondering how he manages to touch upon sensitive issues with such poise. His punchlines are underlined with sarcasm and wit and this stage experience is definitely not for the entitled and easily offended folks. 
If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s why you need to watch the rib-tickling, super clever Netflix show - Vir Das For India.
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1. It reminds you of Indian things that you’ve probably forgotten about
Seriously, when’s the last time you thought about chyawanprash? Remember that red bottle with a disgusting black paste? Yeah! Vir Das talks about just how disgusting and useless chyawanprash is in the most hilarious way. No kidding, I had a smile through and through while watching this show, just because it reminded me of India and my childhood constantly, and I don’t even live outside the country, guys. I can only imagine how the NRIs are going to react to this one. Das’ transition from one hot topic to another happens quite seamlessly without getting too repetitive. He had a dozen frivolous jokes lined up about the king of all biscuits - Parle G and I’ll admit that this had me craving Parle G in the middle of the night. 

4 Reasons Why You Need To Watch This Netflix Special- Vir Das For India Right Now

2. He takes a dig at everything that’s wrong with the country 
Right from national newspapers printing stories without any proof to motives behind an election campaign in India today, Vir Das covered it all in a rather clever manner that had the audience in splits. Most stand up comedians today stray away from controversial topics to avoid getting banned, while Vir Das writes a song about it. This Netflix Special is a breath of fresh air in a sea full of monotonous and safe stand up comedy. He balances between subtle and sarcastic just right to make sure that his joke lands on the mark. And you won’t be complaining, trust me!
3. It touches upon very real things like our beliefs and fears that we don’t like to think about.
Vir Das talks about our irrational fears in a particular segment, like believing that a ghost in a white sari who has her head on backwards is real. We don’t like to ponder on our fears and ask ourselves a very important question - Why? Whether it’s irrational things like ghosts or discussing the ingredients of chyawanprash!

4 Reasons Why You Need To Watch This Netflix Special- Vir Das For India Right Now

4. Vir Das makes you think
Not everything that’s been disastrous or extremely important has made it to our history textbooks. Things the children should know of, reality, and even important facts have all been skipped out of history today. Most of us choose not to think about things we read about daily or watch on the news, because it’s disturbing. Vir Das points that out in a subtle manner when he names a bunch of incidents from our recent history that haven’t made it to our textbooks and maybe never will. This brilliant comedian has you rethinking about your idea of patriotism and a ton of other things, that’s for sure.
So, what are you doing this weekend? How about you savour the pause and watch this great stand up special on Netflix?