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3y ago

4 Things We Did With Our Yaars That Made The Season Of Lights Extra Special!

Ujjwala Sinha
Sweets? Check. Diwali outfit? Check. Yaars? Check.

Season of lights meant vacations, and vacations meant spending more time with our college yaars. From having them walk right into our house to taste some delicious gujjiyas to lighting phuljadis in the evening, they just made this day extra special! 

It is time to call those yaars and repeat those things all over again. I mean, how else would you celebrate if not with your favourite yaars! 

So, if you’re wondering what those things are? Read ahead! 

1. Pocket Money Matlab Shopping Money!
Celebration time aur papa mummy ne extra pocket money diya? Time to call your yaar and go holiday shopping! 
But hey, who says it’s any different now that you start earning. Go ahead, call your yaar and get that lehenga you have been eyeing! 

4 Things We Did With Our Yaars That Made The Season Of Lights Extra Special

2. Get. Set. Plan Your Outfit! 
Is it even the season of lights if you and your yaar don’t get 1 main outfit and 3 extra outfits? I mean, it is an unspoken tradition to help your yaar look like a Sabyasachi model and post throwbacks pictures of the same outfit till the next year.

3. Lights. Camera. Selfie! 
Hands down! Your yaars are your designated photographers. It is their duty to click your ‘fake candids’ with diyas from all possible angles!
Is your yaar even your yaar if he does not climb a tree just to get that perfect angle!

season of lights

4. Did Anyone Say Sweets?
We have been through thick and thin and even through kaju katli and gujjiyas but ab toh cheat karne ko bolo toh yaars gym jaane ko bolte hai! 

season of lights

Don’t you just love the season of yaari aur pyaari? And, it becomes all the more special when you have your yaar by your side! Celebrate your sacchi yaari by jamming to the latest McDowell's No.1 Yaari Jam song called "Yaari Ka Circle" by Tanishk Bagchi, Darshan Raval and Jonita Gandhi.