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I dare you to stay still for 2 minutes!

When was the last time you took a break? And, by that, I mean a break that doesn’t involve you scrolling through your social media for 10 minutes straight. 

Whether it’s taking a breather after a tiring board meeting, for revving up your energy levels to get through another HR ka seminar or even to increase productivity in the workplace, you need a BREAK to de-stress. Don’t you agree?

But let’s be honest, you can’t really leave your job and trek through the Himalayas for a mid-week nirvana. What you can do instead is take a minute and just relax. 

We got inspired by Black Dog’s philosophy of Savouring The Pause and came up with these ways to take a break while not leaving your desktop. You should try these! 

1. Chair Yoga
Want to give those sleeping muscles a wake-up call? Well, time to EXERCISE! But hold on, you don’t have to leave your chair for this. Just do a couple of neck rotations or pull off some adjustable asanas and you’re good to go!
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This is the perfect way to refresh yourself! Makes for an amazing break ritual, no?

4 Ways To Take A Break Without Leaving Your Desktop

2. Watch Cute Animal Videos
No matter what time of the day you need a break, just play a cute animal video and watch all your stress wash down the drain. Isn’t this just what you need during a hectic 9-5 shift? And, the best part is that there are so many videos to watch that you’ll never run out of them! 

4 Ways To Take A Break Without Leaving Your Desktop

3. Buy A Colouring Book
Remember how good it felt to pick out your favourite colours and just colour away your time? Well, turns out it’s therapeutic and does wonders for your mental health. Who says you can’t do that anymore? Whenever you feel like taking a break, get your crayons out along with your colouring book and start colouring.
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I bet you will feel much more relaxed once you do this. All that without even leaving your laptop! 

4 Ways To Take A Break Without Leaving Your Desktop

4. Don’t Do Anything For Two Minutes
Wondering of ways to take a break at work? Well, here’s an idea-don’t do anything for two minutes. Literally!
Just go to this website and wait for two minutes. If you move your cursor before that then you’ll have to start all over again. So, whenever you need to get your thoughts in order, this micro-break activity will help you savour the pause.

4 Ways To Take A Break Without Leaving Your Desktop

Don’t you want to take breaks and try all of these already? 
Go ahead and share with us your ideas in the comment section.