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Reading about all things cocktail couldn’t have been more fun!

Nothing makes work from home more fun than wrapping up early and burying myself in a pile of books! I love reading but I often find it hard to read when I have a ton of outdoor activities planned along with a hectic job. But that doesn’t stop me from adding books to my wishlist, irrespective of what genre they belong to! Seriously, everything from John Donne to making the best cocktails is on my reading list. And while I may not get through this list anytime soon, you definitely can! 

If you’re a budding bartender, nothing gets better than reading about cocktails and their various elements! Are you wondering why I’m asking you to read about it? Well, reading IMO pushes your imagination and makes you think. And watching videos just doesn’t replicate that experience. This list of books will definitely leave you with a few things to ponder on and hopefully give you the clarity you’re looking for to up your cocktail game! 

1.The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale Degroff
The Craft of the Cocktail is so much more than just cocktail recipes, both old and new. It helps you understand how to set up a bar, use bartending tools in the right manner as well as how to make delicious and original concoctions. Understand the history of spirits, mixed drinks and the culture this created, all through The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale Degroff. 


2.Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold
Liquid Intelligence pays attention to every little detail like the shape of an ice cube, sugar concentration and how it affects the flavour in cocktails. Today, we have classic cocktails in front of us that have been perfected and worked on over the years, the what and how bits of it are explained really well in Liquid Intelligence. If you’re a beginner, I’m sure you’ve wondered about how to make fresh basil look fresher for a longer time or how to infuse vodka with coffee and orange. Liquid Intelligence by Dace Arnold helps you with all of that and everything cocktail related.


3.The Savoy Cocktail Book
London’s most famous hotel, The Savoy Hotel is legendary for more reasons than one. Harry Craddock, a well known bartender at The Savoy Hotel, first published this book in 1930 and over the years it’s been reprinted 5 times. Why is this book apt for budding bartenders? It covers everything from how cocktails were created then, their presentation to over 750 delicious and very easy to make cocktail recipes.


4.How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant’s Companion
The father of American mixology, Jerry Thomas is the reason cocktails are so famous all over the USA. His book consists of recipes from the earliest days of cocktails when cocktails were not recipes on paper but merely something one made with their own personal measurements. It’s so raw and original and also includes some of Jerry’s own creations across categories. It takes you all the way back and I don’t know a single bartender who wouldn’t want a copy of this one!


5.The Drunken Botanist
This book uncovers the history behind each classic drink that actually began with a plant. Scotch came from barley and sake from a grain of rice. Over the years there are innumerable plants, flowers and trees used in making concoctions till today and The Drunken Botanist enlightens you about the history and science behind it all. With 50 recipes and tips and tricks for budding bartenders, this book is just what you need to read if you want to understand more about the finer details that go into making lip-smacking cocktails.

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You can pick one or all the five books mentioned above to brush up your bartending skills and ace at being a budding bartender. 

*Drink Responsibly!