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Cracking up jokes, one scroll at a time!

With the number of shows coming out on different streaming platforms, is there ever going to come a time when we finish watching them all? From Netflix to Amazon Prime, my ‘watch list’ is overflowing. And not to forget, there’s stand up specials from comedians and what not. I need three clones of ‘me’ to finish watching everything on the internet.

Between scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, 24-hours is insufficient. Instagram se yaad aaya, there are Instagrammers tickling our funny bones that you just have to keep your post notifications ‘on’ to catch up with them all. 

So, just snuggle up in your bed and scroll through these hilarious Instagram accounts that will help you relax and savour the pause. Sounds fun, right? 

1. Kushakapila 

Starting from South Delhi girls to Billi to Monday aunty, Kusha Kapila is like the powerhouse of relatable content that’ll make you ‘lol’ away all your stress. Be it talking about getting a fake accent from a short Euro trip or struggling while cooking, you can always depend on her to turn things funny even when you least expect it! 

2. Akshar Pathak 

What happens when humour meets sarcasm? You get Akshar Pathak. He is hilariously honest and honestly hilarious. You know why? Because he just doesn’t shy away from owning up his love for his bed or confessing how much he doesn’t like working out. His posts, captions and stories are so on point that we just can’t resist ourselves from sharing them! 

3. Akshay Nayar

Akshay Nayar is one guy who turns everything into a catchy song that gets stuck in our heads for days. And, when he’s not doing that, he’s just making hilarious content that tickles our funny bones! So, @everyone, take notes, turn all your problems into a song and just savour the pause.

4. Dolly Singh 

Having a long day and just want to unwind? Look up Dolly Singh and her ‘Raju ki mummy’ videos. It will definitely cheer you up and crack you up at the same time. But hey, that’s not it, she even has a few styling tips up her sleeves, do check them out! 

5. Ankush Bahuguna 

Depend on him to make you laugh at the most cringy videos! Taking inspiration from his real life, he adds a funny spin to just about everything. And, honestly what is better than hilarious real-life content that all of us can relate to? 

Now when you don’t know what to watch, all you have to do is just scroll through the accounts of these hilarious Instagrammers!