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Because it’s ‘Chocolate Covered Anything Day’, ya’ll!

Okay, chocolate is irreplaceable. Think about it! 
Want a quick mood fix? Pick a choco bar. 
Need to show that you care? Gift them a chocolate hamper. 
If you need something to keep you warm, you’ve got hot chocolate. 
Chocolate is literally the solution to everything! 

Plus, it’s ‘Chocolate Covered Anything Day’ this December, giving you all the more of a reason to indulge, if you like choco-lot!

We took that a little too seriously this year and decided to give you slightly offbeat but oh-so-yum finger foods that you can dip into that gooey chocolate sauce.

So, bring your appetite along, but first here’s a chocolate dip with a Baileys’ twist to serve with these foods.

Chocolate Baileys Dip
All you need is 125g liquid milk chocolate/dark chocolate (depending on your preference), 1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream and 1/2 cup thickened cream. Pour the ingredients into a food processor and keep blending.

When it’s well-blended, keep it aside to cool and then serve it with these unconventional foods that pair surprisingly well! 

Baileys chocolate dip

Image Credit: CakeKnife

1.  Sweet potato chips
Forget that sour cream dip, this creamy Baileys chocolate dip is the real chip-magnet. Sweet potato chips are just the right amount of crunchy to pull this pairing off! The salt sprinkled on before baking them is what works really well with dark chocolate or a semi-sweet chocolate dip! Give it a try, maybe?

sweet potato and chocolate

Image Credit: Eli Brecher

2. Jalapeños
A relatively new concept, jalapeños dipped in chocolate are a trending pair. It’s not for no reason that they say sugar and spice = everything nice. This unusual pairing brings out the best of both flavours to the forefront while complimenting each other perfectly. When spicy, fiery flavour meets sweet chocolate, it’s literally like a mini party for your taste buds.


3. Oranges
Oranges in chocolate are definitely not sold for a penny because this iconic pairing is worth a lot more! Seriously, dip an orange in dark chocolate and you’ll see why it’s such an exotic yet natural match. The richness and intense flavour in chocolate goes very well with the zesty and fresh tones that you find in an orange. It’s a very refreshing combination, really!

oranges in chocolate

4. Oreos
Are Oreos made in heaven? Because I certainly think so! Let’s get real for a second here. There’s nothing like too much chocolate now! The alcohol-infused hints in this Chocolate Baileys dip is precisely what makes this pairing work. The creamy delicious texture of an oreo works beautifully with this rich chocolatey dip, making it impossible to go wrong!


5. Edamame
Dry roasted edamame dipped in chocolate reminds you of a modern-day version of Nutties! It’s equal parts sweet and savoury, with perfect amounts of salt dipped in a generous helping of rich chocolatey goodness. Baileys mixed with semi-sweet chocolate and topped with savoury - did I just describe your new party staple?


Serve these unconventional foods with your new signature chocolate dip and you’re going to be the go-to person in your gang for the best homemade food!

*Drink Responsibly!