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3y ago

5 Ways To Be The ‘Inhouse’ Bartender You Always Wanted To Be!

Neha D'Souza
5 Tips For Bartending At Home.

Have you always been fascinated with the idea of bartending? Me too! I like it when all things good come together to make something great. Yeah, I said great. I love my cocktails! 

So, I decided to polish my bartending skills which helped me be the bartender I always wanted to be.

1. Shaking
Not all recipes call for shaking, but when they do, it’s usually when you add mixers. Shaking a cocktail makes it all bubbly and frothy. So, get your shaker, add all your ingredients and get shaking already! 


2. Stirring
Stir it like you mean it! No, seriously, you need to stir your cocktail quickly enough to create a vortex for 30 seconds. Now that your cocktail is tired, let it rest. 


3. Building and Garnishing
When it comes to building your cocktail all you have to do is ensure that your alcohol and mixer are equally distributed. Now that you’ve ‘built’ your drink, it’s time to garnish it with mint or lemon or even rosemary. Voila! 


4. Muddling
Are you in the mood for some mojito? Then better keep a muddler handy! All you have to do is put all the ingredients together and muddle until the mint leaves are crushed well.  


5. Straining
Straining is as simple as it sounds - you pour a drink after it’s shaken or stirred through a strainer to ensure the cocktail doesn’t have any pulp left in the drink. To get this right make sure you get yourself a Hawthorne strainer.

Now that you’ve got your basics right, you know what to do! Fix yourself a cocktail and invite your friends over - it’s party time!

*Drink Responsibly