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Cheers to you and your yaari! Yaar hi to pyaar hai!

When was the last time you chilled with your building yaars over some cutting chai? Or played cricket on Sundays? Or even made plans to go to Goa and saw that they fell through? 

I don’t mean to go all ‘Bryan Adams’ on you but those were some of the best days of our lives (yes, you sang it). Well, admit it we have all made plans to go to a party and then cancelled on them because we got too lazy. But from chilling all day to not being able to call them at all, somewhere in between, adulting actually hit us and we grew up. 

Now when we return from our 9-5 jobs, all we want to do is wrap ourselves like a burrito and sleep. And, let’s be honest, we’re almost always tired. In fact, I’ve been tired since 2010 and no amount of moisturiser can fix that. That’s my ‘I woke up like this’ look, because I’m no Beyonce.

But hey, just because you’re not able to meet your friends does not mean you don’t miss them at all! This New Year, it’s time to rekindle our yaari and actually enjoy those good old days all over again! Wondering how? Here’s what you need to do! 

1. Used To Call Them On Their Landline? I Promise To Pick The Phone And Call Them
This is actually the best way to start a conversation because then you don’t have to sit next to your landline (also, do people still have landlines?) or you can even video call them. Isn’t that better?

calling giphy

2. Can’t Go To Watch A Movie? I Promise To Netflix And Binge
Watching a movie in a movie theatre is a commitment. I mean, you book your tickets, get ready and then get stuck in traffic for hours. By the time you reach there, you have already missed the first half! So, this year, set a date, call your yaars over and binge-watch your favourite series because 2020 is all about ‘chill scenes.’ 


3. Miss Making Maggi With Them? I Promise To Have A ‘Cook-Food-With-Your-Yaars-Party’ With Them!Everyone does a BYOB but how about you throw a party where you and your friends get together and cook all the things that you used to back in the days? This way, you’ll get to spend some quality time with them and reminisce your memories over Maggi again. 

maggi giphy

4. Can’t Hangout With Your Building Friends? Just Con Call Them
You made plans with your building yaars but your boss won’t let you leave because there’s so much work and mandatory 8 hours abhi complete nahi hue! Then, take a chai break, get some Parle G biscuits out, conference call all your building friends and catch up on that gossip sesh! 


5. Want To Give Them A Hug But You Can’t? Forward Them A Yaari Song!
Sometimes you just want to give your yaar a hug and instantly feel better! But on days our schedule just won’t allow that, send them this yaari song and celebrate your No.1 yaari! 

6. Miss Playing Cricket With Your Friends? Take Out Time On Sundays 
There are some things which can never compare to a good cricket match with our yaars. So, make time and pick up your bat and go play! And, I don’t know about you, the rule that ‘jiska bat, uski batting first’ still applies! 


This New Year’s, catch up with all your friends and rekindle your yaari once again!

*Celebrate Responsibly