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You know how they say? Sach kadwa hota hai!

Did you plan on saving up money just a little more this year?
Did you promise to hit the gym but the only thing you hit was your bed?
Did you plan to go on a trekking trip this year but boss ne holidays approve nahi kiye?

Then, my friend welcome to the club of all the New Year’s Resolutions That We Should Keep But Never Come Through 

Every year we think we will follow all of them but when was the last time we actually did that? Sometimes we have to work on the weekends and sometimes we just simply forget about them. As soon as January gets over, we don’t remember what exactly resolutions are, hai na?

I mean, it’s almost 2020 and we are still struggling to keep up with the resolutions of 2010! 

So, this New Year, take inspo from this honest guide of all the resolutions that we should never keep because we never follow them anyway! 

No Point Sleeping On Time, There Are Days You’ll Stay Up Late Anyway 

Let’s be honest, when have we ever slept on time? I mean, every time we plan to sleep on time, due to reasons unknown, we just end up binge-watching a series online or scrolling through our social media! 

new year resolution

We Will Never Splurge 

Every New Year, I promise myself that as soon as I receive my salary, I will save up and not splurge on just about anything. Who am I kidding? But ‘yaar, Nykaa ki sale dekh ke, dil hai ki maanta nahi!’

new year resolution

We Will Pakka Work Out 

How many times have we taken a year-long gym membership and never did a single push? This New Year, let’s be realistic and not get a membership at all! Let’s do a push up when we feel like because healthy banna zaroori hai. 

new year resolution

We Will Take Up A New Hobby 

When I took up painting, I thought I would actually become a modern artist but the only thing I did was buy things like paintbrushes, paints, drawing books etc and never actually go through with it!
I mean, it’s almost 2020 and we have to stop making this resolution because all of us know this will never happen. After working a 9-5 job, paying bills, and maintaining a social life, who even has the time for a new hobby? 

new year resolution

We Will Finally Organise Our Cupboards

I promised to do this back in 2006 and I still haven’t organised my cupboard….yet! Yes, I promise to change that in 2020. 

new year resolution

We Will Always Be On Time 

No matter how much we try, we are just not on time. I mean, have you seen the traffic? Okay, fine I won’t blame the traffic, I’ll leave home early and make it to work on time. 

new year resolution

We Will Make A Trip To Goa With Our Yaars

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the Goa plans that never came through because our yaars backed out at the last moment! This year that needs to change. *off to make a WhatsApp group

new year resolution

We Will Meet Our Long Distance Yaars Often

Do you also have a yaar who lives in another corner of the city? You legit have to take an auto, a local train and even metro just to meet them! This year, make up with that yaar by calling him up and jamming to this song. That way you won’t feel bad. 

new year resolution

The New Year is almost here, focus on getting your resolutions in order!

*Celebrate Responsibly