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Top food shows that will leave you salivating and inspire you to put on your chef’s cap. 

Few things in life can compare to the calmness you derive out of watching a cooking show. Seriously! What's it about professional chefs and home cooks pouring love into every bite they prepare that is so unbelievably soothing that you don't realise you have been binge-watching the series for hours at a stretch? These shows are so inspiring that even someone like me gets all enthusiastic about experimenting in the kitchen and impressing my family with my culinary skills. And that’s not an easy thing to do, mind you. 

So, now that we have a lot of free time in our hands here’s a list of my favourite food shows that will keep your love for food satisfied.

1. The Final Table
Do you know what makes cooking shows even better? When they add a culinary competition to it and pit world-famous chefs against each other. Every chef creates unique gorgeous dishes and all of them fight to earn a place at the Final Table. These dishes are judged by eminent food critics and one pair is eliminated week by week. Talk about infusing drama into cooking, haan?

Binge On These Food Shows Now That You Have Time

2. Taco Chronicles
The name of the show should give you a clue? This Spanish-language series looks at tacos (you guessed it right). So, you can learn your canasta from your el pastor and sound exotic too as you cook. There are six different episodes and each one explores a different taco type. Right from its cultural import to how it’s made, you can know EVERYTHING there is to know about tacos. 
P.S. This show is going to make you very, very hungry. So, make sure you have everything you need as you would be rushing to the kitchen right away. 

Binge On These Food Shows Now That You Have Time

3. Street Food
If you loved Chef’s Table you are going to love Street Food. The show’s format is a documentary series involving 30-minute episodes taking you across the world to the most vibrant cities. You’ll find yourself exploring the street foods of Delhi, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Osaka, among other amazing destinations. From busy markets brimming with foodies to roadside stands selling local delicacies, every episode is guaranteed to make you drool. Excited to take this virtual culinary journey with David Gelb? You should be. 

Binge On These Food Shows Now That You Have Time

4. The Chef Show
I may be biased here because I absolutely *love* Jon Favreau. Remember his movie ‘Chef’? He had collaborated with Chef Roy Choi for the movie. The Chef Show came into being because of this very collaboration and aren’t we glad? In the first season, the duo can be seen recreating the yummy recipes they made in the movie and the second season has more in store for the foodies. The bonus is the celebrity appearances including the likes of Russo Brothers, Seth Rogan, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely sold on this. 

Binge On These Food Shows Now That You Have Time

5. Nailed It!
This impressive food show first aired on Netflix in March 2018 and straight away found a place in the favourites of many with its distinguished format. Each episode sees three different contestants who are by no means professional chefs or even skilled home bakers. And yet, they are here to recreate various exquisite treats that can pass off as decent and at least edible. The baker who fails the least wins. Isn’t that something? 

Binge On These Food Shows Now That You Have Time


Savour the pause by watching these yummy-licious cooking shows, while you sip on some Black Dog Packaged drinking water and take notes as you binge-watch these shows.