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Because, you’re not the only one!

You know, I’m talking about those missed high fives, ‘I don’t really know what to say next’,  the perpetual dilemma of ‘to hug’ or ‘not to hug’ moments and more.

I once dreamt that I was singing on the stage, I got a little too excited and I jumped into the crowd, hoping that the audience would catch me. Well, as you can predict, they didn’t. I woke up feeling awkward but I couldn’t stop laughing about it. 

That’s the beauty of awkward moments, isn’t it? Once the moment goes by, they become funny stories to share with your friends. So, here are a few memes for you to celebrate this day and embrace the awkwardness with some LOLs. Because for most of us, life is one big awkward moment. 

1.That awkward moment when you go for a handshake and they go in for a hug
Confession: This happened to me an hour ago. Hug it out if this has happened to you too! Or shake hands or whatever.

giphy (1).gif

 2.That awkward moment when you wave at someone and they don’t wave back
 Yep. Been there, done that. Zero waves received.


3.That awkward moment when you high five someone who’s giving a fist bump
The fist bump was too fast, okay?


4.That awkward moment when you realize that the “funny story” was actually a serious one
Yeah, this happens when you have a dark sense of humour and everything’s funny in your head when it shouldn’t be. 

giphy (2).gif

5.That awkward moment when you end up faking a smile a little too much
I mean, most of us have been there. But thoda over acting ho hi jata hai.

giphy (5).gif

6.That awkward moment when your friend won’t stop talking but you’ve got to be polite
And your mind goes like “where are so many words coming from?”, “will they ever stop talking?” and suddenly they ask you a question and you have no answers whatsoever. 

giphy (4).gif

Now that I’ve shared some most common awkward moments that happen with almost everybody, its time to share yours with your friends, savour the pause and LOL away.