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Did you know? There are 168 tunaks in the tunak tunak tun song!

Yep, interesting isn’t it? Well, anything is interesting as long as you’re just sitting there and staring at the wall. Sure, you can Netflix, play online games with your yaars, zone out, dance, sing etc. But what happens when you run out of things to do? You start dissecting songs! The good thing about this is, it teaches you patience, focus and keeps you entertained. So, shall we?

I’ll put out the number of repeated lyrics, you can check if I’m right or wrong. Let’s do this!

1. There are 103 ‘Balas’ in Bala!

Basically, they didn’t even bother writing the rest of the lyrics. Takes courage to write a song without lyrics, right?

2. 102 ‘Dolas’ in Dola re

I mean, we get the point. Everything around them dola-ed: haye dola, dil dola, mann dola re dola. They should have just said ‘Dola one and all’. Don’t you agree?

3.There are 76 ‘Just Chills’ in Just Chill

Looks like they really wanted us to chill. Let’s fix some cocktails for ourselves?

4. There are 66 ‘Piyas’ in the Piya Piya song

The number of ‘Piyas’ is strangely proportional (almost accurate) to the number of crushes we have in a lifetime. (Just kidding, don’t look it up)

5. There are 93 ‘Nimboodas’ in the Nimbooda song

You know what I love about this song? You can never forget the lyrics. Seriously, try singing it.

6. There are 70 ‘Shavas’ in the ‘Shava Shava’ song

Yep! Don’t believe me? Start counting!

7. 94 ‘Chaiyaan Chaiyaans’ in the song

Confession: I danced along while counting the lyrics for this one. But can you blame me? It’s so groovy!

8. 82 ‘Legayis’ in Le gayi Le gayi song

Much like this song, this exercise of counting the lyrics took away your boredom, didn’t it?

So, now that you’ve found new ways to have fun, you and your yaars can get counting already!

*Drink Responsibly