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Watch these movies that will help refill your motivation! 

There are so many ways to feel inspired. You can watch Ted Talks, turn to Eminem’s raps, and even scroll through those Instagram quotes that seem to make everything better (And, let’s be honest, all of us have done this at least once!) But how long will that last? I mean, even Eminem’s song will end after 3 minutes. What after that? 

So, for the days when you just need that extra dose of motivation, that extra-something which inspires you to keep walking, you have movies! I mean, at least, you’ll have more to look forward to than just a quote! 

Even though a movie will end after 1.5 hours (or, longer if it’s a Bollywood movie), it will give you that fuzzy warm feeling which will get you all motivated and last for days (if you REALLY liked the movie!)

And, there’s something about watching an inspirational movie that motivates you to do things you always wanted to do! From acing that report to walking the extra mile, we literally form a connection with them! 

On days, when you need to crank up your motivation, here are a few movies you can watch!

1. Forrest Gump
Want to know the secrets of life? Watch Forrest Gump! This movie is the perfect portrayal of mystery that life really is! Sometimes you get blessed with good times and sometimes, you have to rough out the tough times but in the end, it'll all be worth it!

 *psst* do carry some tissues with you because this movie will make even the strongest ones cry! 

5 Movies You Need To Watch To Keep Walking No Matter What

2. Good Will Hunting
All of us need a little direction in life and sometimes we get it from places and people we least expect it from. Good Will Hunting is a feel-good movie that will tell you that if you simply believe in yourself, you can be everything in life that you ever wanted to be. Even if it's as simple yet important as being happy! 

5 Movies You Need To Watch To Keep Walking No Matter What
Swansea Student Media 

3. Manjhi: The Mountain Man
Facing impossible obstacles to overcome in life? Well, Manjhi is just the movie you need to watch. The movie takes you through the story of a man who loses his wife while climbing a mountain. The mountain was the only way in and out of the village. Angry and hurt, he breaks the entire mountain down little by little, saving many! It is one of the most inspiring movies based on true stories. Talk about doing the impossible! 

5 Movies You Need To Watch To Keep Walking No Matter What
The National

4. English Vinglish 
If you want to watch movies about standing up for yourself, then English Vinglish should be your first choice. It shows the journey we take to pick ourselves in order to become what we always thought we aspired to be while overcoming our insecurities.  

5 Movies You Need To Watch To Keep Walking No Matter What
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5. Life of Pi 
Stuck on a boat with a tiger, in the middle of a sea, Life of Pi is all about discovering yourself while handling what life throws at you. This movie should be your go-to kit for everything inspiration. It is one of the movies that inspire you to change your life! The way Pi explores life, himself and the beauty of nature is pure work of art! 

5 Movies You Need To Watch To Keep Walking No Matter What
Little White Lies

I remember when I needed that push in life to keep walking, I put these on and forgot about the world! And, it’s time you did it too! Just pour yourself a Johnnie Walker, dim the lights, watch all or any of these most uplifting movies ever and get that motivation running! 

*Drink Responsibly!