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Let the love creep in!

If you’ve watched Pushpavalli season 1, you know what’s in store for you, right? The fruit doesn’t fall far from its tree. But, to be honest, I never thought I’d be able to binge on season 2. Because, you know,  the sequels usually aren’t that great (past experience). But, Sumukhi Suresh and Debbie Rao (Director) proved me wrong! Sequels can be equally gripping and Pushpavalli can get creepier!

The show is smartly named Pushpavalli which literally translates to creepers! But this time I couldn’t help but find similarities between Joe Goldberg from the series You! No, she doesn’t butcher people, but she is equally insecure and obsessive characters chasing something they both call “love”

The funny thing is, you can relate to these creepy characters at some point while watching the show. The first episode opens with the camera slowly, eerily, slinking towards a half-open door. It tracks with the kind of dread that suggests the presence of either a murderer or a dead body inside the room. This shot is intercut with a rapid recap montage of the first season. Here we see a close up shot of Pushpavalli and a tear rolling down her cheek insinuating that she’s here to take revenge. Revenge for the humiliation Nikhil (Manish Anand) had put her through.

We see Pushpavalli getting engaged to a guy who belongs to a proper Tamilian family. Vidhyuth, her fiance is one of the characters who will actually catch your attention. He is in love with Pushpavalli, he’s in love with her wit, her brilliance and personality. Whereas Pushpavalli is doing all this just to get Nikhil’s attention. However, Vidhyuth and Pushpavalli share a great chemistry.

The one scene which actually stuck to me was the debate between these two. Pushpavalli says that she likes this particular football player because she’s in love with his personality and she always chooses personality over perfection. Which is quite ironic because she’s chasing Nikhil who seems to be the epitome of perfection. She’s so blinded by her insecurities and obsession that she’s not able to see love which is right there!

Also, did I mention how epic Naveen Richard’s character Pankaj is? He’s the kind of best friend we all need! Yes, he seems a little too harsh with the yelling. But he’s one of those guys who actually has no filters whatsoever and genuinely looks out for Pushpavalli, despite her lying constantly. The budding romance between Pankaj and Swati (Preetika Chawla) will definitely make you go all awww!
And of course how can we forget Vasu? The crazy PG lady played by RJ Shraddha. She is too funny and whoever has stayed in a PG, will definitely get reminded of their PG owners. But, watching her on screen was definitely a treat!  

So, if you’re wondering what to binge on next? Or finding ways to savour the pause, I recommend this funny and creepy show, Pushpavalli (available on Amazon Prime) while sipping on Black Dog Packaged Drinking Water.

The cast of this show has delivered a powerful performance and hats off to the director for creating something so gripping and brilliant! What more do you need?

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