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When life throws lemons at you, get in your PJs, snuggle in your bed and watch these Netflix shows to take a BREAK!

Oh Netflix rey, tere bina bhi kya jeena? I bet most of us share the same sentiment. Every year, Netflix spoils us silly with its line-up of new shows to the point where we have stopped heading out and being social. Waise, who wants to head out in this cold anyway? Every day I walk out of my apartment to go to work, I’m a walking burrito under my layers of jackets and sweatshirts. That’s enough punishment! In the evenings, all I want is to get warm in my bed and what better way than great shows to help you through the next few weeks of winter?
So, double the fun by calling your friends over to enjoy the following shows over a glass of Black Dog. 


Messiah is about Eva Geller, a CIA officer’s investigation of a man who claims to be a divine entity and has been garnering attention from all corners of the world. His followers are blindly ready to do anything as they believe he can perform miracles, whereas his critics firmly believe he is a con artist out to dupe the world. It is left up to Geller to unravel this mystery as she begins investigating the origins of this man.



This series hits a little too close to home. Think of all the phishing scam stories you may have read or come across by now involving debit/credit card details cajoled out of unsuspecting people. Netflix's latest Indian original, Jamtara revolves around the masterminds and cousins, Rocky and Sunny, who along with their friends run a successful phishing scam from the small village of Jamtara. A news report brings the village into the spotlight and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the pie. 


BoJack Horseman

They say all good things must come to an end. Even Hollywood shows. Sigh. BoJack Horseman that came out in 2014 quickly became everyone’s favourite from the word go. The trailer for the BoJack Horseman Season Finale came out a while ago and teases the last batch of episodes to be released on January 31st. The few glimpses into Bojack’s regrettable past and what’s to come has made one thing sure – we will all be needing a hell lot of tissues to sit through this one. 

bojack horseman

AJ and the Queen

The show stars RuPaul Charles as Ruby Red who is a down-on-her-luck drag queen paired with an 11-year-old scrappy ragamuffin with absent parents who travel from one club to the other all across America in a rundown 1990’s van to win back the savings recently stolen from Ruby. The show revolves around the lives of these two misfits as during their travels they end up touching many peoples’ lives for the better while sharing the message of love and acceptance.

aj and the queen

The Healing Powers of Dude

Netflix’s new family-friendly comedy series, The Healing Powers of Dude does more than make you laugh. The show’s protagonist is an 11-year-old boy Noah who suffers from a social anxiety disorder. After years of homeschooling, he decides to give middle school a shot and make some friends if he can. He uses an emotional support dog, Dude, to help him navigate his new environment. I’m sure you’ll love streaming this dramatically effective show with your friends and family. 

the healing powers of dude

Here’s hoping you enjoy the ‘Netflix and Chill’ when it’s too chilly to go outside!

*Drink Responsibly