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Want to be on TV? Here’s what you got to do.

The cricket season is here, and we know that almost all of India is just going to sit glued to the TV set. The rest, go to the stadium to catch all the action LIVE. And today, we’re going to talk about the rest.

“Duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hai”, said every Bollywood movie ever! But here’s the thing, there are more than 2 types of people who are seen in a cricket stadium and spotted by cameramen every year without fail and I’m going to list them down for you.

The Enthu Cutlets: Yeah, the Ranveer Singh’s of the stadium. They’re just super excited for everything. They’re so energetic that even we ask them “What’s the secret of your energy?” and some among this category, also dance. Good steps or bad steps doesn’t matter. Because they’re enthu and they can’t keep calm.

Enthu Cutlets

The Clueless: To be honest, I belong to this category, but I don’t go to the stadium (Okay, I may have gone to watch the IPL last year, but that’s not the point) People who belong to this category are clueless about cricket. But they go because of peer pressure or free tickets. So, when the camera zooms on them, you can see them trying hard to pretend they know what’s happening while cheering for the opposite team.


The Rangeelas: These are the ardent fans who usually get their face painted in tricolour. Their passion for cricket is clearly visible (see what I did there?) 


The Chic And The Fabulous: The picture-perfect ones. No matter how hot it is in the stadium, you’ll never see them sweat. Every action, every cheer, every strand of their hair is just perfect. The quote “Nobody is perfect” doesn’t apply to these kinds. Did I tell you why? It’s because they’re perfect.


The Cricket Couple: This couple does everything together. Cheers together, eats together, wave flags together etc. They’re like twins, in sync. They’re like a celeb couple everyone notices and talks about.


The Grumps: They have this constant expression of disdain (reminds me of dad’s expression when he’d skim through my mark sheet) or no expression at all. But I have observed that when they’re enjoying the game, they clap. No expressions on the face, but they clap.

The Grumps

See, I told you! There are more than two types of people in a cricket stadium. These are just the few who caught my attention. Next time you’re watching a match on your TV with your friends over a glass of Royal Challenge, make a checklist of what other types of people you’ll find at a stadium.

*Drink Responsibly!