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Top 6 LOL Moments Of 2019

Memes are our all-time favourite, right?
Every year there is a new set of epic memes that made us laugh out loud! Last year it was Drake and Irrfan Khan taking over our feeds and thankfully 2019 is no exception! 

With Hindustani Bhau being all like Munna bhai and the crazy banana painting sold in the market for $120,000, it's been a big year for memes. For all the meme lovers out there, we've rounded up the best of the viral memes because if there’s anything we want to remember from this year, it's probably these trending memes we can laugh at all over again.

OK, Boomer!
So, in case you still don’t know what the popular  ‘ok boomer’ meme is about, it’s about the people who just don’t get us millennials! Ugh! 
It’s basically when your dad talks about how he bought a house at the age of 20 while you still can’t afford it, that’s when you go - “ok boomer”.

ok boomer

Egg Vs Kylie
This internet debacle got the whole world together to make the egg win. Why? Well, the story goes that the youngest Kardashian sister -Kylie Jenner always got like a zillion likes on her pictures within moments. So, the entire universe came together and all we had to do was get the egg more like than Kylie Jenner’s did.

egg vs kylie

Duct Tape Banana 
Did you know this duct-taped banana art was sold in the market for $120,000? well, we aren’t kidding about it. Even the minions were like ‘ye kya hai yaar?’

duct tape banana meme

Baby Yoda
This cute Baby Yoda is from the series of ‘The Mandalorian.’ This cute guy makes for the perfect reaction when you see couples fighting and you’re silently sipping and enjoying your singlehood.

baby yoda

Hilarious paragliding video
Do you know this guy who regretted his decision to go paragliding? Well, we have lots of regrets too but this guy took the cherry on the cake with his famous dialogue- ‘bas idhar se nikal do’. This is our reaction when we’re forced to attend a family function when we don’t want to. 

paragliding video meme

Gully Boy 
We all know how perfectly Alia Bhatt portrayed the character of Safeena. Remember her famous dialogue to Ranveer Singh- ‘Marr jayega tu’? Well, it was so trending that it became a meme that even my mom keeps telling me all the time.

gully boy memes

2019 got us many hilarious memes and thanks to these memes we could savour a pause with Black Dog Packaged Drinking water, relax and take a break from our hectic lives.