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Tips for house party planning rookies!

Be it a 90s throwback or a retro night or a brunch for a dozen - there is a lot of inspiration on the internet when it comes to throwing a house party in your home. But any seasoned party planner can tell you there are a million things which never go according to plan when you are throwing the hip-pest house party in the hood. So here is a guide on rookie mistakes to avoid when you are planning your house party:


It may easily slip out of one’s mind. Most guests prefer their drinks chilled, now your refrigerator might be stuffed with snacks, salads and starters for the party, and shoving in another dozen of mixers or cola may seem like a slim possibility (unless your fridge has the option to expand storage), but you can always keep an extra stock of ice cubes. Invest in a good icebox or hire one for the weekend party!

Ice image



Imagine waking up the next day to having deep clean your couch because of messy sauce spill from the party day before, it is a ‘nightmare’! Ensure the type of party you are throwing has the right type of snacks and meals to go with it. Avoid foods which could create mess, instead stick to the simple platters like mini-kebabs or chips or pizza etc. which are usually a crowd pleaser. You could also create a mini meal corner, where people can pick the preferred snacks with instructions on where to dump the dirty dishes to avoid making a mess out of it. If you are looking for some quality finger food options to try for your calorie conscious friends, check out the link here

Meal Corner



Its your party, and you would not want to spend it away busy making drinks for guests. Set up a DIY corner in the house with mixer pitchers with quick instructions on how to fix a cocktail and have a choice of drinks for the guests. Ask guests which is their preferred drink of choice before the party and ensure you are well stocked here. Keep a peg measure, disposable stirrers to get guests to try these fun cocktails at the party and drink responsibly at the party.




Wi-Fi and a smartphone are your two best allies when it comes to picking music for the night. Unless you want to spend the whole night being a DJ, make sure you curate your playlists for the night, right from slow to up tempo to dance music!

Music Playlist

A word of advice, it is better to have a paid subscription for these streaming services, could be a day pass to enjoy uninterrupted streaming!

Go on, host yourself a hip house party!

*Drink Responsibly!