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4y ago

The Hottest Chefs Cooking Up A Storm In The Kitchen And Our Hearts

Vanessa Luis
Whipping up a delicious dish comes with a lot of hard work.

It’s not always as easy as your favourite celebrity chef makes it seem. These kitchen superheroes are an absolute delight to watch when they’re concocting and crafting some of the most drool-worthy food. Each chef has their own specialty. Whether it’s baking sinful desserts or making healthy bites, they are giving us some serious food cravings. 

Here’s an ode to these hot chefs that’ve been a total treat to follow on TV and social media.  

Nigella Lawson
Whether she’s rustling up a roast chicken or getting down and dirty with an apple crumble, Nigella makes food a much more special experience. She’s smart, sassy and the only person who can convince you to eat all that cream and buttery goodness without any guilt. Most of us know her from her TV show Nigella Kitchen but did you know she hosted 10 other TV shows including “Nigella Bites”, “Nigella Feasts”, “Nigella Express” and more.

Ben Ungermann 
He might have not won “MasterChef Australia” Season 9, but Ben sure won all our hearts. He brings to the kitchen the right kind of muscle power. **wink wink** Totally needed when churning a good frozen dessert, of course! No wonder, he’s called the “Ice-Cream King”. Ben specialises in making all-natural ice-creams with interesting flavours. He even paired up with Johnnie Walker to create a special whisky-infused ice-cream
 The Hottest Chefs Cooking Up A Storm In The Kitchen And Our Hearts

Curtis Stone
Can we all just admit that each time this Australian homeboy appeared on MasterChef, our hearts skipped a beat? Literally. But it’s not just his adorable smile or charming accent that makes him a favourite. He can cook up a mean meal in the kitchen. He has hosted and appeared on a number of cooking shows and also owns a restaurant called Maude in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 

Isaac Carew
Dua Lipa’s boyfriend is the hunky chef on social media. Isaac Carew is a British model and chef who also has a popular YouTube channel “The Dirty Dishes”, dedicated to easy and healthy meals. But he’s not just any YouTube star cooking up a visual treat, he went to culinary school and has also trained alongside renowned chef Angela Hartnett in his early 20s. 

Padma Lakshmi
The Top Chef host might spend her days around food, but she knows how to stay fit too. This Indian-born American food guru has featured in many cooking shows and documentaries and has written a bunch of cookbooks too. Some of her cookbooks are “Easy Exotic”, “Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet”, and “Encyclopaedia of Spices and Herbs”. Sounds just delicious, doesn’t it?


Now that you’ve had some cooking-inspo from these chefs, whip up your own culinary treat with these easy 3-ingredient snack recipes.  

Image Credits: newsweek, gq, beautifulhumans, goodfood