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If you don’t need a reason or time to drink chai, we could be friends.

If you are anything like me, you cannot imagine beginning your day without a cup of chai. After all, isn’t that the fuel you need to get through the day? And what makes it more addictive is that there's chai for every mood and every occasion. From more caffeinated ones that you can start your day with, to the before-bed relaxation brew, once you have discovered them all there is no going back. 

This International Tea Day, we bring to you some interesting options every chai lover must try out to carry you through the day.  

To Kickstart Your Morning
Jumpstart your day on the right note by trying White Tea in the morning which has a dreamy aroma and subtle flavour. Made using very young leaves, white tea contains more caffeine compared to most other teas making it the ideal choice to infuse energy in you. If you are a desi chai lover like me, cutting chai, masala chai or the quintessential “adrak wali chai” is just as good.

morning tea

To Revitalise Your Afternoon
Green tea is the best choice if you are looking to satiate your chai craving before lunch. It works wonders to burn calories and also boosts your metabolism. Although, you may need to develop a taste for it if you haven’t tried it before. You could start with a lesser bitter version by steeping the tea at lower temperatures for a longer time.


Now we can all agree, staying up after meals is a struggle at best. A cup of Black tea after lunch can be the fix you need to keep your mind working. Plus, it also lowers the risk of heart diseases and improves your immune system health. So, win-win?


To Celebrate In The Evening
Evenings are all about taking the stress off after a hectic day at work. My idea of a perfect evening beverage is making a “tea-tail” for myself. *wink wink* The recipe is quick and works with any type of tea mixed with a whisky of your choice like Johnnie Walker Black Label. There are endless possibilities to make the perfect brew for yourself. So, channel your love for chai to make the most epic tea cocktail for yourself. Here are some tea-tail recipes to get you started.

tea cocktail

To Put You To Bed At Night
Your before-bed tea should not be too strong unless you plan to stay up all night. One cup of light-coloured chamomile tea or lavender tea can ensure you are in for a long and undisturbed sleep. The little flower herb not only has healing properties but also has a wonderful aroma that’s heavenly.

tea to sip on at night

So, pour yourself a cup from these chai varieties and keep your taste buds happy at all times. 

*Drink Responsibly!