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4y ago

How To Master The Art Of Setting A Table

Saylee Padwal
We all love attending parties, but it surely is a daunting task when you’re the one hosting them.

As if looking after everything from the venue to the menu isn’t stressful enough, there’s also the struggle of setting up the table just right.

Knowing your salad spoons from your soup spoon might be easy but, there is a certain etiquette to follow even when placing the plates and glasses on the table.

And, if you’ve been entrusted the task with of hosting a leisurely brunch or farewell dinner and never really gave table settings a thought before, no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Improve your party hosting skills with these quick and simple tips to nail the perfect table setting.

The Basic Table Setting

To decide which table setting to use, you’ll have to figure out how formal your event will be.

If you’re looking to keep things simple yet easy, go for something more basic.

A basic table setting may include a placemat, plates, cutlery (fork, knife, and spoons), a glass for your drink, and a napkin.

For the placement, think of the word ‘FORKS’ and spell it out. The order, left to right, is: F for fork, O for the plate (or its shape!), K for knife, and S for spoon. (Alright, you have to forget the R, but you get the idea, don’t you?)

How To Master The Art Of Setting A Table

The Casual/Informal Table Setting

If it’s a more casual party vibe you’re going after, keep things simple yet, clean.This type of table setting is great for daytime brunches, casual dinner parties, or for fancy dinners at home.

Start off simply with the basic setting and add the following items to it:

If there’s salad on the menu, place a salad fork and the salad plate to the left of the dinner fork.

If you’re serving soup, place the bowl on the plate along with a soup spoon to the right.

Cups and saucers go above the spoons and drink glasses can be positioned to left of the cup.

How To Master The Art Of Setting A Table

The Formal Table Setting

Start off by using the casual setting and enhance it with the following tips:

Jazz things up a notch by placing a menu card with the set-up.

More drink glasses, if necessary, can be positioned to the left of the coffee cup.

Dessert spoons should be added to the right of the knife. They can also be given to the guest when the dessert is served.

How To Master The Art Of Setting A Table

Now that you’ve finished reading the guide, we’re sure you are ready to host your next party with confidence!

Follow these simple table setting rules we’ve laid out in this guide to ensure that you provide your guests with the best experience.
And if you can think of any other handy tips to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

Also, here are a few more etiquette tips to follow if you’re dinning at a fancy restaurant.