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Because who doesn't want to be in someone's good books (read parties)?

The best time of the year ‘December’ is here. The official party season. I say this because this is the festive time you get invited to the max parties with friends, family and colleagues. Everyone is in a celebratory mood and you can almost feel the excitement in the air. 
If your calendar is also blocked with parties to attend, here's a guide on how you can be a good party guest and get an express ticket to all the future invite lists as well. 

christmas party

The party don’t start till I walk in?
Yeah, I get it. You are excited about the party and can't wait to socialise with all your friends. But hold your horses. Don't reach the host's place too early as that could highly inconvenience them. For all you know, they could still be in the middle of the décor or arranging for the food and now amidst all the chaos, they have guests to tend to. Trust me, you wouldn't want to be in their position either.

christmas gift

Bring a gift. And no, not flowers. 
No better way to express your gratitude for being invited to a house party than by giving the hosts a small token. It is quite rude to just show up empty-handed. A bottle of Singleton can be a classic gift. If you know the hosts well, dig deeper and get them the flavour they like. Every time they enjoy a drink, they will remember you fondly for sure. 

do not disturb

Switch to ‘DND’ mode
Make sure you spend quality time with the guests at the party, make genuine efforts to mingle and have fun. Remember, you came here to meet people outside of your phone and not look at your Instagram feed while lazing on the couch. Your selfies, Instagram stories and Facebook posts can all wait. It is best to turn your phone into silent mode and only attend if it’s something important. 

cleanliness is next to godliness

Transform into a neat freak
Having to clean up after a house party is an absolute nightmare many of us have been through. You know what an ordeal that can be. Choose to be a helpful party guest and volunteer to clean up as the party is wrapping up. Little things like gathering the trays or dishes and putting them in the kitchen can help the host immensely. 

after party

Know when to waltz out 
Here's how you know when to leave – the hosts are running out of alcohol, they are stealing glances at the watch, you probably caught them bickering in the bedroom or ALL OF IT. These are signs, people. Just grab your things and leave after thanking them for inviting you and being such a great host. Do not stick around until "aunty police bula legi". That's just Bollywood.

Follow these tips for your next house parties and I am sure you will be invited to the host's next.

*Drink Responsibly