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Commit-mint issues? Never again!

Hey! I’m Mint, Mint Leaves. I put the niche in garnish. And here’s my love story.
People say I keep falling in love and that’s kinda true. But this one stands out. It’s like Romeo and Julep. That’s my ultimate love story.
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I’m currently on the kitchen counter of a 25 -year - old girl. And after a long time, she’s finally decided to clean things up in her apartment and make room for things that really matter. By that, I mean a neatly arranged alcohol cabinet. 

I was watching her do all the work and when she was tired, I said, “You can do this!” 
Cause, I thought, you know, she could use some encourage-mint...  


She then pulled out a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky from the cabinet, which she received six months ago on her birthday. I must admit, since day one, I’d been eyeing this Johnnie boy. I remember us exchanging glances. Well, at least I think he looked at me. *blush blush* 
And now, finally, I see him being poured into a glass. That was like the sweet sound of music to my ears. And be-leaf me, it was love at first whiff. 
So smoky, so strong and smooth all at once. He was my liquid sunshine.

As he was settling in the glass, he also met up with sugar syrup, water, and some crushed ice. I then saw her rummaging through the kitchen counter... her hand was hovering over me and rosemary. I said, “Pick me! Pick me!” I think she heard me.


She picked me up and decided to give me a refreshing look (put me under the tap) and slowly placed me in the glass. 
We were in the same glass! I didn’t know if I should say ‘Hi’ first… I was hoping he’d say ‘Hi’ to me. Luckily, the crushed ice came through. Quite an icebreaker he is! 

He looked at me and I looked at him, we both smiled and knew it was love. Even our silence spoke volumes. It felt like I was on the top of the glass and my dreams came true. 
So, here it is...our testa-mint of love.

If you really like someone, go for it! But always remember, if it’s mint to be, it’ll be.


Alexa play ‘If it's meant to be’ by Bebe Rexha.

*Drink Responsibly