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Move your furniture, and make way for the best house gig that's yet to happen.

If you ask me personally, I would prefer house gigs over full-fledged concerts anytime any day. Even though concerts are really fancy but there are times you get tired of it.

House gigs are more comfortable. You don’t have to stand among hordes of people while your favourite musician is playing somewhere far away. Chances are you would have to shove and squeeze through people, skilfully maneuvering your way to the stage.

After doing all that, do you even have the energy left to enjoy the show? No na? I would rather have him play in a comfortable space where there’s less struggle and more araam.

Well, if you belong to the same tribe as I do, then you’re in for a treat. Good for us, there is a new trend in town called – ‘House Gigs’. Nestled in the comforts of your house, now you can enjoy the thrills of a concert. Be it a cause, a causal event or just for appreciating your favourite artist, a house gig is forever the go-to option. Wondering how to do that? I have got your back.

Set the Date
This is the most basic thing but the most important aspect of the entire event. Narrow down a date which will be feasible for you and your guests. You can keep it on a weekend or a slow week day, as long as it suits your convenience.

Move Over Concerts, This is How You Throw A House Gig

Setting Kya Hai?
What if you want to have an acoustic backdrop or a slightly rock one? Don’t worry about the space. It is possible to have a concert-wala feel by just re-arranging things around. Dim the lights, get comfy couches, and bean bags. Set the mood. Have a soundcheck and you are good to go!

Move Over Concerts, This is How You Throw A House Gig

Choose Artist(s)
Choose the artist wisely. Maybe one who is one your favourites or a musician you want your friends to listen to. But whosoever you get, they should be aware of the mood of the gig. It would be a little awkward if you want to have an acoustic show and you end up calling all the metal artists, don’t you agree?

Move Over Concerts, This is How You Throw A House Gig

Work on the Guest list
Pay attention to the guest list. Just like the artist should match the mood, even the guest list should have something in common with what you have in mind. If that doesn’t happen then the gig will be one-sided. And, you obviously don’t want that now, do you?


Look for some grub-shub
It is given that if people are coming together, they would also want something to munch on. If not, a fancy dinner then snacks which keeps the audience going.
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Move Over Concerts, This is How You Throw A House Gig

Will there be tickets?
As a host you can either pay the artist or you can ask your guests to chip in for the tickets. This way you would be able to pay the artist for his craft. Moreover, when you are trying to introduce your friends to a certain musician, wouldn’t it be great to get them front row tickets to their first in-house concert?

Move Over Concerts, This is How You Throw A House Gig

When you have taken care of all of that, you can perfectly execute a house gig! So, what are you waiting for? Go on, you have a lot to do!