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Because there's a perfect snack for everyone.

I say, “donut”.
My friends say, “do not”!

We all have those diet conscious friends, who instantly shudder at the thought of sharing a carb-loaded pizza or oil-soaked fries. And those two foods are literally the first options that come to my mind when hosting a house party.

Par doston ke kiya kuch bhi karenge, right?

Here’s a list of healthy recipes you can try out for your next house party. Your diet-conscious friends will definitely approve of these diet food recipes.

Sweet Potato Chips
Fried potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it, including a healthy way too. Sweet potatoes are way more healthy than regular potatoes. Season them and bake to make a finger food just as fun as French fries.  

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Guacamole With Veggie Sticks
Here’s a healthy dip that will guac your world! It’s delicious, super fresh and perfect to pair with veggie sticks. Trust me, I’m avo-crazy about it.


Stuffed Tomatoes
If you’re missing some pizza, here’s a cheese and tomato recipe that is just as delicious. Just stuff the tomato with plenty of garlic-y cheese and enjoy these bite-sized healthy snacks.  

Shrimp Cocktail
Don’t forget to add some delicious protein to your menu. Your friends may pass on the sugary cocktail, but they’ll definitely want a bite of this prawn cocktail.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Everyone who doesn’t approve of a strawberry cheesecake will love this healthier alternative. Use dark chocolate with less sugar and pour it over some fresh berries to make this snack that’s just the right amount of sweet.

Where’s the party tonight? If it’s at your place, these party snacks are made for sharing with your friends over a glass of Black & White whisky that’s best enjoyed with good food and great company.  

*Drink Responsibly!