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Have you tried these yet?

Masale-wala cutting chai and garam-garam pakoras is the ultimate monsoon mood setter. But the rains have been around for a while now and chances are you’ve already binged on this monsoon snack combination a few times already. 

So, what do you do on another rainy day when the clouds swell up and your mind craves for something new? 

For times like these, here’s our list of rainy season food pairings that are just as delicious but not the same chai and pakoras AGAIN!

1.    Because spicy chicken tikka leg and a Patiala peg make for the perfect-partner on a cool rainy evening. 

rainy season

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2.    The smell of fried fish sizzling on the pan when it’s raining…mmm gets those hunger pangs going. Pair it with a glass of chilled kokum sherbet and you’re in for a real treat. 

rainy season

3.    Everyday is a good day for momos. But have you ever tried them with a bowl of garma garam thukpa on a rainy day? Now that’s what you call an ultimate comfort food. 

rainy season

4.    Picture a steaming hot plate of mouth-watering sizzler. Are you drooling yet? Pair it with a cup of green tea to wash it down and add it to your list of lazy rainy day foods. 

rainy season

5.    Nothing like Maggi and chai to remind you of those rainy monsoon treks and serene mountain views. Am I right or amirite? 


Chai and pakoras in the rainy season might be a great idea. But try these monsoon special foods that pair together and are just as good.

*Drink Responsibly!