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Exactly how many doggos are too many doggos? Take a break. Scroll. Repeat

Sometimes, when you’re at work, all you want to do is take a break, relax and boop your dog’s nose. But can you really do that? 

Ah, I don’t think so! 

I mean, I know how it feels when you miss your dog but boss won’t let you leave because ‘kaam baaki hai’ 

So, for all those times when you can’t pet your doggo, just take 5 mins ka break, unwind and scroll through these cute doggo accounts on Instagram! 

After all, ‘ek doggo break toh banta hai!’

1. @deanthebasset 
Want to know what the ‘chill’ life actually looks like? Then, you gotta follow this mister. From sleeping all day to chilling with Santa, Dean is one pupper who lives life king size. 

2. @baby.beckham 
I think there’s something in the name because ALL the beckhams are so good looking! Especially when it comes to these super adorable doggos! You have got to follow this samoyed family to get your daily dose of fluff and cuteness.

3. @itsdougthepug
Doug the pug is cooler than anyone I know! He has a verified account on Instagram, appears in many tik-tok videos and even won the People’s Choice Award! 

4. @milperthusky
Meet Millie & Rupert & Lola. They live their best life in Manchester. They wake up, play in the garden, play some more and then play with their hooman! Basically, all they do is play and honestly, I am a little jealous. 

5. @boopmynose
Want to boop a dog’s nose but you can’t because you’re at work? Don’t worry! All you have to do is take a break and scroll through this account and you’re all set! I mean, if you can’t actually boop ‘em, you can heart ‘em on Instagram. 

6. @acoustictrench
Starting a band? Take inspo from Trench and Maple! Trench plays the guitar while Maple chimes in with his fine tunes! And, if you want to know how they do it, just tap and scroll. 

7. @burrito_the_corgi
Get ready for some serious case of feels because this doggo will simply melt your heart. A fan of belly rubs, parks, and naps, Burrito is one corgi that you should follow!

8. @mayapolarbear
Maya is literally a polar bear disguised as a dog! Her motto in life is to spread good vibes and live the chill life. 

You can always scroll through these Instagram accounts while sipping on some Black Dog Packaged Water!