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This treat is sure to generate some heat!

If there’s something that’ll make you feel pain and pleasure at the same time, it’s a mouthful of spicy desi food. All that mix of fiery Indian chillies and red hot garam masala causes a mouth-burning satisfaction like no other. It’s so good that it’s bad! 


Indian food ranks among the topmost spicy foods from around the world. But, when it comes to pitting them against each other on the bases of how hot they are, who wins the crown? Or, in this case, who wins a glass of water! 

If you’re a chilli-head seeking for an answer and a tongue-tingling challenge, here’s a list of the spiciest Indian food ranked from “I can do this” to “my tongue is on fire!” 

5. Laal Maas
Doesn’t the name itself suggest that you’re in stock for some flaming heat on your tongue? Well, you’re not totally wrong. The source of the curry’s red colour and spice is the special variety of Rajasthani red chillies called Mathania. The extreme hot flavours of the chillies seep right into the mutton that’s used in this gravy to give you a dish that is mouth-numbing yet so good!



4. Madras Curry
South India knows its spices and chillies, and you’ll know them too once you dig into this fiery gravy. Chilli powder is mixed with more chillies and then tossed together with meat pieces to give you this dish. Many people add yogurt to it to reduce the heat so that you don’t need a fire extinguisher shoved in your mouth at the end of the meal.  



3. Kozhi Curry
If there’s something hotter than the weather of Kerala in the month of May, it’s this Kozhi Curry, also known as Kerala chicken curry. Made with both red and green chillies, this is one of the state’s spiciest dishes. The chicken doused in this curry is also marinated in chilli powder, making it feel like you’re biting into hot lava with each morsel.  



2. Pork Vindaloo
The pork vindaloo curry recipe is a well-kept Goan secret. If you want to experience a bite of vindaloo with a side of khushi ke aansu, then find an authentic Goan restaurant that serves this curry. Spiced up with Kashmiri chillies, vinegar and garlic, together they all add that hot kick to the vindaloo curry that will leave your tongue tingling and your hand reaching out for a glass of chilled water.



1.       Phaal Curry
Here’s a curry so hot that the chef who makes it wears a gas mask when cooking it. A phaal curry recipe typically involves chicken or lamb cooked in a tomato-based sauce with the infamous bhut jolokia chilli, which is also known as one of the hottest chillies in the world!

PS: This isn’t just the spiciest Indian food on our list, but also the world’s spiciest curry ever!


How’s that for adding a dash of spice to your life? Don’t forget to pair these dishes with some naan bread or rice to ease the heat. Spicy foods like these go well with a blended whisky like Black & White too. So, sip on your drink and enjoy the wholesome flavours around you.

*Drink Responsibly!