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Get your notepads out already!

For most of us, the transition from our 20s to 30s is accompanied by major changes in everything from waistlines to topics for discussion. We grow into undeniably the better versions of our spoilt selves. 
Many of these changes are quite evident in the way we party. Trust me, you don’t want to stay up fashionably late anymore till 4 in the morning or even go out every next day. If my previous statement just made you go ‘That’s ME’, it’s time to prep for hosting a killer house party your way!

1. Stock Up!
Remember how the 20s were all about buying the most inexpensive liquor in whatever your budget could manage? 30s are a lot different, my friend, as you now realise how you and your friends have more refined tastes when it comes to liquor. Just a cola and rum won’t cut it anymore. So, I suggest you stock up on a good bottle of whisky like Johnnie Walker to appeal to finer tastes and elevate the glamour quotient of your party.


2. Ice, Ice Baby
Believe me when I say this – ice is the first thing you run out of at a house party. And your neighbour really isn't interested if you go knocking at their door in the middle of the night. Fill up your freezer with truckloads of ice so your cocktails don't lose their sheen.


3. All One Needs Is Food
A party is only as good as the food you serve. Well, most of the times. Please do the vegetarian friends in your group a favour and plan a detailed menu which balances both the veg and non-veg options. Talking about starters, skip the chips and get your friends excited with yummy finger foods like hummus, pita and fun dips with freshly cut veggies or fruits for brunch.

Good Food

4. Pre-party House Spruce Up
Get those mirrors shining, sweep for dust and keep your countertops bare before you invite your guests over. If you are going for a casual vibe, you may want to pretty-up your place with some fairy lights or lamps. Put some flowers in a jar and light up some aroma diffusers to create a warm ambiance.

Simply By Papo

5. Entertainment! Entertainment! And some more Entertainment!
As far as I am concerned, a party is absolutely incomplete without music. Be it live music, just plugging into a karaoke machine or friends getting over their guitars to hum along. So, ensure you have the entertainment department sorted and a separate section for all the wires and plug-ins. 


6. Help Your Friends Clean Up After Themselves
Remember how you spent countless hours cleaning up the mess that was your home after your friends left? Learn from it and place recycle bins in multiple corners so the folks don’t leave the clutter just about anywhere.

The Spruce

Get these basics right and I am sure you are in for a fabulous time ahead. 

Drink Responsibly!