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You know 'nothing' as well?
We all know that one yaar who knows nothing. After your group has finished discussing the latest gup, this is that friend who has still not figured out who you’ll have been talking about for the last 30 minutes.
He/she is the one with the silly questions that make you go, ABBEY YAAR! For reasons like this and some more, this friend reminds us of one very popular TV show character.
If you haven’t caught our drift yet, it’s Jon Snow!
Think you know of someone that fits the bill? Keep reading to see if your #ThatOneYaar is really the Jon Snow of the group. 
They’re the ideal beta/ beti who might rat you out if you do something wrong
They consider themselves the eternal misfits even though they’re…
1. Really smart 
2. Good looking 
3. And basically, come across as the hero-type in reality
They’re a bottomless pit of pessimism, always preparing for the worst

They’re the first one to leave the party because late ho gaya toh papa gussa ho jayenge​

They’re the last one to know someone’s hitting on them
If you had a penny for every time they smiled, you’d be broke for life 
If you like them, you have to learn to like their pet too because they’ll bring their pet e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e they go
At some point, they’ve been stabbed in the back (or heart) by someone they trusted because they’re too gullible 
But they’re a true friend who’ll come to help you no matter what, even if you have to fight a White Walker someday
To all the Jon Snows of the world, you are brave, peculiar and a little bit annoying, but we love you. And we’re obviously rooting for the real Jon Snow too. Hoping he doesn’t die…again!