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Throwing A House Party? Avoid These 6 Rookie Mistakes

Throwing A House Party? Avoid These 6 Rookie Mistake

Throwing a successful house party is not just about setting up food and music. Any seasoned host will tell you that there could be 101 things that could go wrong. You can’t always foresee them, but you could avoid these rookie mistakes. 

Running out of ice
You can never have too much ice! Whether your guests are sipping on some cola or just water, you’ll need ice. After all, no one likes a warm drink. So, stock more cubes than those two ice trays can hold. Keep a bag full of ice cubes frozen prior in your freezer. 

Throwing A House Party? Avoid These 6 Rookie Mistakes

Playing everyone’s personal mixologist 
It’s your party and your drinks, but you don’t want to spend the night making drinks for everyone. Try a more hands-off approach like preparing pitchers of cocktails so everybody can just serve themselves. 

Serving messy snacks
Nothing ruins a party like messy food. This won’t just be a hassle for you to clean after but also for your guests. No one likes messy snacks getting all over their clothes or the dance floor. Stick to simple crowd-pleasers like pizza, chips, popcorn etc., if you want to play safe. 

Throwing A House Party? Avoid These 6 Rookie Mistakes

Putting all the food in one place
At every party, there comes a time where everyone is tired and hungry and rushes to the food. This causes crowding, which can be uncomfortable and messy for all. To avoid such encounters, consider spreading out the food. Designate separate food tables in different areas. You can have a separate area for the drinks and food too. 

Not having a playlist
Music can make or break a party. You don’t need a DJ, but a good playlist will do the trick. Consider pulling up a few playlists from YouTube or Apple Music to suit your party. You can also check this party playlist we’ve prepared for you. This way you won’t be stuck fiddling with the music all night. 

As the host, you are an important part of the party. Avoid these common mistakes and have fun too! 

*Drink Responsibly!