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4y ago

Tips To Binge-Watch 2018's TV Shows Before The Year Ends

Vanessa Luis
When it comes to TV shows it’s now or never.

Even the best TV shows come with a lifespan. If you don’t watch it with the rest of the world, you might as well not watch it at all. After all, no one at the lunch table or group chat will be discussing a show that’s “so last year”.  

What we’re saying is, 2018 is almost coming to an end and this year’s TV shows will be forgotten in the new year.

So, we recommend you get in those binge-watching pants. We have some super handy tips to help you get through at least some of 2018’s TV shows before the year ends. 

Tick tock, tick tock, time’s running out!

Question is, how much? 
Unless you’re a full-time telly-watcher, chances are you might have a few other things to do and will need to assign time for your TV show binge. Question is, how much? Luckily, a website called does the calculation for you. All you have to do is type in the series name, along with the season and it will tell you how many days, hours and minutes of your life you’ll have to stay stuck on the couch. 

Tips To Binge-Watch 2018’s TV Shows Before The Year Ends

But first…prep!
It’ll take more than finding a comfortable spot to get on with the TV show marathon. Begin with cancelling all your plans, so that you won’t be interrupted. Serious binge-watchers might want to consider putting your phone on silent or switching off your doorbell. Yes, the final season of House of Cards calls for such commitments. Other preps include gathering food because you’ll need those spicy snacks to go with that scandalous plot.

Download > Streaming 
The worst thing to happen to a binge-watcher is a bad internet connection. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for the show to buffer mid-way. You’ll be better off if you download the episodes and then begin your marathon. Having the show downloaded on your phone or tab could also help if you have to leave the Wi-Fi zone for important things, like maybe your job, on a Monday morning!   

Shut out sharers 
TV show streaming platforms like Netflix usually have a limit on how many people can watch from an account at a certain time. If you share your account with friends or family, make sure they get the memo that you’re on a mission and will need to hog up the account for now. This will avoid those accidental log outs when you’re in the middle of an important episode.  

Tips To Binge-Watch 2018’s TV Shows Before The Year Ends

Rope in a yaar 
Solo TV show marathons can be fun, but also lonely. If you know of a yaar who’s been waiting to catch up on the same show, invite them to watch along. With someone else around, you’ll be twice dedicated to focus on the show and not get distracted by your Instagram feed. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to wrap up at least a few shows by the end of this year. And, in case you're looking what series to start with, here are some binge-worthy TV show.

Happy binging ya’ll!