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Head to the gym and get ready to sweat it out with these workout songs.

The New Year calls for a ‘new me’ and also a new updated playlist for my gym workout. (Yes, we know you’ve taken a year-long gym-membership too) and the only thing that will keep you motivated for the gym are these groovy beats.

2019 has been a downer but one admittedly incredible aspect of the past year has been the music. So, why the wait? Here are the top 10 songs for my gym routine that you might just like. 

Sucker - Jonas Brothers

When this high-paced song plays, all you want to do is work out longer because you’re a sucker for the gym. So, keep running on that treadmill. 

Garmi Song - Street Dancer 

Feel the garmi while working out as you listen to this song. We bet you won’t want to ‘break’ the rhythm of your sets when you’re doing your crunches because this number is the perfect gym-spiration. 

Senorita - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

All you have to do is grab your yaar because Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello will get you waltzing to this romantic number. This beautiful and zesty song is all you need in your playlist while warming up.

Filhaal - BPraak

This feel-good song will definitely lift up your spirits. The beauty of never giving up can be applied to your workout routine. So, be sure to add more weights and work on those muscles. 

Motivation - Normani

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to Normani. This girl will surely amp up your motivation to keep at it at the gym. What are you waiting for? Be sure to play this on loop. 

Coca Cola - Luka Chuppi

We bet you will want to ditch the skipping rope and hit the dance floor because Karthik Aaryan’s moves in this number are to die for. The beats of this song will keep you going in the gym.

I Can’t Get Enough- Selena Gomez, J Balvin

Seriously, We. Can’t. Get. Enough. of this song. Plugin those headphones and be sure to be hooked onto this song 10 seconds into it. The beats of this song will make sure you get off the treadmill only after this song ends.  

Zumba - Good Newz

Zumba at the gym? Sure, why not? We’ve already got a Zumba song for you. Just mute your sense of fatigue and swing to this number as you flex your dance muscles.

Look At Her Now -  Selena Gomez

The beats of this song will refrain you from letting go of the dumbbells until you complete your sets. This song is energetic and filled with good vibes to keep you going at the gym. 

Yaari Ka Circle - Tanishk Bagchi I Darshan Raval | Jonita Gandhi

Working out with your yaars is the best thing that can happen to you in the New Year. Imagine waking up every morning and sweating it out with your saccha yaars to this song. Wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?

So, what are you waiting for? Add these to your playlist and make sure to play them on repeat while gymming every morning.