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There will never be a better time to listen to these podcasts

When you find yourself stressed at the end of a long day or in the middle of a work week, I doubt you give yourself the time to savour the pause and ask yourself what you really need! In a world where the hustle culture is so strong, we really need a daily reminder that we need to slow down a little, catch a breath and unwind a little. 
If you’re someone who doesn’t know what helps you unwind, I’ve found it very helpful to make a list of things that help me relax. And it’s not necessary that the same thing will help on two different days, hence the list comes in handy. While painting in adult coloring books is something that works for a lot of people on a tiring day, I don’t know how useful it is when you’re anxious or stressed. 
I love how convenient and effective podcasts are on days I want to do nothing except lie down and listen to someone talk while sipping on some homemade iced coffee. 
1. Game of Drones
Drew Ackerman uses a very boring story telling method in Game of Drones to give you a recap of Game of Thrones episodes. He’s taken the most thrilling show and given us an extremely boring recap which somehow manages to be soothing. For those of you who struggle with overthinking, Game of Drones is perfect to get your brain to stop, what with it’s boring recaps and helps you with better sleep. 

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5 Relaxing Podcasts Your Brain Needs Right Now


2. Daily Meditation Podcast 
If you tend to take on a lot of stress, this Daily Meditation Podcast is for you! Each of the episodes in this podcast offers short guided meditations on generic things like letting negative thoughts go. Mary Meckley also talks about self love in her calm voice throughout this podcast!
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Trick Your Brain To Relax With These Podcasts

3. Deep Energy Podcast 
Not a lot of people like listening to people when they want to unwind. Some of the best podcasts for relaxation are the ones where all you listen to is soothing sounds. The Deep Energy Podcast is all about new age music to help you unwind, sleep and relax. If listening to soothing music during yoga is your scene, this is the perfect podcast for you!
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5 Relaxing Podcasts Your Brain Needs Right Now

4. Sleep with Me 
My trust in Drew Ackerman comes from the fact that he suffered from insomnia, so he knows exactly what one needs to unwind before bed. He picks random stories in ‘Sleep with Me’ and adds a zillion other irrelevant details in it making it as mundane as possible. What really helps you sleep in this podcast? His soothing voice while he narrates the most random incidents that won’t hold your interest in the least.
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5. Welcome to Night Vale
Sometimes, nothing takes my mind off things at work like listening to my friends gossip about something that happened to their waxing lady, or what happened at their place of work. Welcome to Night Vale is that but better! This podcast gives you community updates about a fictional town called Night Vale with a secret police force, mysterious lights and hooded figures with unknown powers. This podcast keeps you hooked on for all the right reasons while leaving you a tad bit more relaxed than when you started.
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So, have you any more podcasts to add to this list? Do let us know.