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Handcrafted Liquor: Meaningful or meaningless?

It’s hard not to indulge in handmade products. Be it that comfy woolen sweater or those creamy handmade chocolates. We love them! Ever wondered why? Well simply because it appeals to us. I feel like there’s so much effort put into handcrafting something. So, when my friends gifted me a bottle of whisky which had the word ‘handcrafted’ written on it, it got me thinking, what does “handcrafted” even mean on a liquor bottle? 

When they say handcrafted, I can imagine a slow-mo video where I can see a hand running through the grains and picking the best ones to make our whisky. Because advertising has taught us to think in a certain way. But, here’s the thing; is it possible to “handcraft” when you produce in bulk? Now here’s something to think about. Is it handcrafted or just crafty marketing?


The essence of handmade products resonate highly with people who want to feel connected to the things they buy. And that's why a larger movement surrounding the lifestyle of “craft” is starting to take shape. Customers are quick to buy craft spirits as well, but unlike food, very little is known about the ingredients and production methods for alcohol. 

Inspiring backstories and labels touting “locally sourced” ingredients provide even more captivating stories about crafty processes. Any distiller or bottler can claim their products are “handmade”, “artisanal”, or “crafted” without substantiation.

The next time you see the buzzwords like ‘handmade’ or ‘handcrafted’ on a label, don’t assume that means a maker is tirelessly working away in a sunlit barn to craft the best liquid they can.

So, now that you know all the marketing gimmicks, your journey towards the best whisky has only begun.

*Drink Responsibly