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This might sound cheesy, but it’s time for whisky o’clock!

On days, when you want to spend some quality time with yourself, cooking something delicious yet easy and enjoying a peaceful dinner helps a ton. While you’ve experimented with liquor to elevate the flavours in cooking, usual suspects are wine rum etc, but ever tried it with a scotch or whisky?

Yep, that’s right! Introducing Mac & Cheese with a whisky twist! 

While alcohol is doing the rounds inside the kitchen, we’ve not come across too many dishes one can cook with Black and White whisky and definitely not one that’s easy to make and quick! 

Does this sound like something you’d want to try this weekend? Let me tell you how simple this is to make!

2 spoons of Black and White Whisky

1 packet of boiled macaroni

1 can of milk

4 eggs

1 1/2 cup of cream

1/2 cup of butter

1/2 spoon pepper

Salt to taste

1/2 finely chopped onions/ onion powder

1 spoon garlic paste

120 gm cheddar cheese

Oil to cook

340 gm - regular cheese

1 spoon chilly flakes


How to cook

Once you’ve boiled the macaroni, keep it aside in a bowl. Grate the cheese and mix them together in a separate bowl. Leave aside one and a half cup of regular cheese to sprinkle on top at the end.

Next, you stir all the ingredients including the cream and Black & White whisky in a large bowl. Pour this mixture over the cooked macaroni and add two and a half cups of grated cheese to it. Make sure you’re stirring continuously until it resembles a soup! 

Place the mixture in a cooker and spread out the remaining cheese on the dish.

Depending on the cooker you’re using, keep it on a high flame for about an hour and then reduce it for the next 20 mins. Voila! Your crispy on the outside, delicious on the inside dish is ready and waiting to be served!

If you don’t cook often, you’re going to find this entire process extremely therapeutic and that’s a promise. Go on, give it a try already!

*Drink Responsibly!