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Please ignore the grammar mistakes if you spot one or make a meme out of it.

Confession time! That’s right, I’m starting the article by confessing something which is very important for you all to know...I’m not a grammar nazi, but I really want to celebrate grammar day because I get to make memes.

Okay, now that it’s off my chest, I can afford to make typos and you won’t judge me, right? Just kidding! You can judge karo, khush raho and make memes out of mistakes. 

But now, it’s time to keep everything aside and be the Sheldon Cooper you always wanted to be.


Call it arrogant, but the kitty is right, you know

m3 (1).png

“Commas save lives,” they said. I think they’re right.


Oh, look who it is!


Look who’s going to be single for life.


Seriously, what are you trying to say?


Let them go already!


I hope you enjoyed these memes and laughed a little today. Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re grammar nazi or not, as long as you relax and have fun.