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6 things that make your drinking experience better at cocktail bars

6 things that make your drinking experience better at cocktail bars

Have you ever noticed that sometimes relishing a cocktail at a bar makes it taste so much better? The vibes are great, the drinks taste amazing, and you enjoy them to the fullest.
Well, many factors contribute towards your drinking experience. Here are a few elements that we believe will make your drinks taste great at cocktail bars.

  • Sourcing Top-Shelf Brands

Perfectly balanced liquor adds an undeniable charm to cocktails. Bars often rely on beverage distributors or wholesalers to source top-shelf and hard-to-find liquors. That’s why notable cocktail bars pride themselves in serving cocktails made with superior liquor brands.

Therefore, choosing the right brand that delivers outstanding taste is important while crafting cocktails. 

  • Specially Curated Recipes

Bartenders have a huge stash of cocktail recipes and are familiar with classic and popular recipes curated by the greatest mixologists. Bartenders are also skilled in creating delicious twists to classic cocktails by playing around with ingredients and bringing exceptional cocktails to the table.

Top cocktail bars employ award-winning mixologists and bartenders who are known for their extensive knowledge and exceptional skillset. These mixologists craft innovative cocktail recipes that are bound to please your senses. 

  • Good Quality Ingredients

The magic of a great cocktail, from appearance to its taste, is hidden behind the quality of cocktail ingredients used. Top bars use fresh fruits, premium bitters, mixers and liqueurs and every other cocktail ingredient is carefully sourced to elevate the flavours of the cocktails.

Some of the top cocktail bars leave no stone unturned in curating the best cocktail ingredients for their cocktails and creating an everlasting bar experience for their customers.

  • Ideal Glassware And Appropriate Bar Tools

A great drink requires more than just good liquor and ingredients. It needs the right bar tools to correctly measure and mix the drinks and the ideal glassware to serve them in.
Bar tools and glassware are significant because they help elevate the drinking experience. Bartenders have an arsenal of glassware for specific drinks as well as a variety of effective bar tools that simplifies their mixing skills.

  • The Right Amount Of Dilution

Water is an essential component of cocktails. It's usually mixed in by shaking, stirring, and/or adding ice. When making large batches or freezer cocktails, you can add water before bottling to get a colder drink than alcohol alone.

Dilution unites the zest and arrangements of a cocktail. It brings out the subtle nuances in the alcohol, softens its harsher edges, and helps to bind the cocktail ingredients together.

  • Perfect Ambience

Ambience or the atmosphere where you enjoy your cocktail matters. That’s what makes your drinking experience at cocktail bars so special. Many high-end bars have soft and dim light, a great music collection to set the enjoyable vibe and a comfortable and pleasant seating arrangement. 

There are numerous reasons that make your drinking experience better at cocktail bars. Bartenders with their extensive knowledge, skills and arsenal of tools & high-end cocktails recipes at their disposal can craft the most satisfying cocktails. Additionally, with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your drink, your overall cocktail experience takes a fantastic boost!