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7 Tips for hosting the perfect diwali house party

7 Tips for hosting the perfect diwali house party

Party planning and hosting can be tedious. Bringing together all the elements to create a perfect Diwali House Party isn’t easy! That’s why we have 7 important tips that would help you create and host the most interesting house party ever!

1. Plan An Engaging & Exciting Theme For Your House Party

Choosing an exciting party theme is a great way to impress your guests and have them enjoy every bit of the party mood. A themed party is memorable, reflects creativity and makes it easier for your guests to engage in the celebrations.


2. Set The Mood Right With Splendid Lighting

Add some magic of lights and see how the party spirit soars high! Mood lighting dramatically enhances the aura of the space. Try out some festive lanterns, fairy lights, sparkles and maybe some traditional diyas to spruce up your Diwali house party festivities.


3. Captivate Your Guests With Attractive Decors

For a vivacious celebration set up a vibrant ambience with captivating decors. Mix and match or go creative, add a contemporary touch or a traditional twist, there are plenty of decors that truly uplift the house party spirit. Floral tresses, DIY or eco-friendly elements, a good dose of indoor plants, colourful rangolis or creative art etc, bring out energetic festive vibes like no other!


4. Treat Your Guests With Drool-Worthy Food 

What’s a Diwali house party without some mouth-watering food? From appetisers to desserts, nothing entices people like good food! Depending on the number of guests and party time, you can ensemble a menu of great dishes. Delicious snacks and chaats, finger foods and fries, a lip-smacking main course and an assortment of delectable desserts will surely leave your guests stunned and happy! 


5. Serve Some Delightfully Indulgent Cocktails

Decadent cocktails make great conversation starters! You can prep for your house party by mixing up a huge batch of drinks or hire a bartender to craft some indulgent cocktails. There is a plethora of creative, unique and tasty cocktails that your guests will absolutely love! For some flavourful cocktail recipes, check out


6. Let Your Guests Groove To Great Music

What better way to keep your guests entertained other than great music? You can easily create a huge playlist of songs to play on a loop through your music system or hire a DJ to add an extra oomph to your party music! If you throw in a few interactive games in between, your house party will surely be a memorable hit!

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7. Don’t Forget The Party Hampers For A Perfect Finish!

Party hampers add a personal touch to your parties and are an excellent way to thank your guests for coming. Gift your guests something memorable or something to indulge in, such as sweets and goodies, personalised gifts, or cocktail kits, or it could even be an eco-friendly gift!

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These are some of the tips that could spruce up your Diwali house party celebrations and help you create a terrific party that will leave your guests dazzled!