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9 tips for hosting an amazing in-house cocktail party

Ashifa Bano
9 tips for hosting an amazing in-house cocktail party

How good is that feeling? When you’ve got your favourite people over for dinner or a get-together, the good vibes are flowing and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. But throwing any party always comes with some sort of pressure. Making sure the cocktails are tasty, the energy is right, and everyone is vibing takes a lot of time and can be hard to pull off. That’s why we’ve put together 9 simple tips and tricks to level up your party, so you can have as much fun as everyone else. Here’s how to get the party started...

Tip 01 -
Start by sending out pretty invites

Tip 02 -
 Plan the drink menu & stock up on the right spirits

Tip 03 -
Check up on the bar tools & don’t forget ice
Flavoured ice cubes are easy to make and add an extra dimension to a drink. Get these and the right tools to make your drinks for the night

Tip 04 -
 Have some tried & true cocktail party foods
A good spread goes a long way. Whether it's just a few nibbles, a bit of everything or a big feast. Serve food that complements your cocktails. Likewise, rich meats go well with Old Fashioned cocktails. When in doubt, stick to classic pairings like a shrimp cocktail with a vodka martini. Remember, you will need to ensure the vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free people in your crew are also covered.

Tip 05 -
Don’t forget the Charcuterie board
Charcuterie boards were made for sharing, IRL and on Insta', and they pair well with G&T as the gin emphasises the floral notes of the cheeses, with the bitterness of the tonic cleansing the palate.

Tip 06 -
Have plenty of cocktail napkins, plates & glasses
An extra set of napkins, plates & glasses will always come in handy. Hosting a house party comes with its share of chaos. Keeping extra supplies always helps in case a part of your crockery breaks, or you run out of fresh napkins.

Tip 07 -
Make sure to have a Signature cocktail 
Having a signature cocktail will add another element of excitement to your party. It adds a personal touch. A signature cocktail is a great way to add a personal touch to your party and show your guests that you've put thought into the event.

Tip 08 -
Include fun activities & games
Activities and games are a great way to break the ice and get guests interacting with each other. This is especially helpful if not everyone at the party knows each other.

Tip 09 -
Make a fantastic playlist
Music has a powerful effect on people and can set the tone for the entire party. A great playlist can create a fun, lively and upbeat atmosphere that encourages guests to let loose and have a good time. It will also keep the party going.

The most memorable parties are never just about the cocktails. Think of the theme, have fun with it, and then think of those extra finishing touches such as the lighting, decorations and music. When it comes to music, you don't want to spend your whole night faffing with it. So, make sure you have a quality playlist ready to go. You can ask your guests to add to the playlist ahead of the party. Think of it as the playlist of all playlists. One that captures the night perfectly and you and your guests will want to listen to it days, weeks, and months after the party is over to remember how amazing the night was.