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Classy Cocktails from the best!

Classy Cocktails from the best!

Bengaluru has no shortage of wonderful bars and restaurants that let you have a great epicurean experience. The World Class Cocktail Week taking place in this city is an added bonus to the city’s charm. Talented bartenders put their best foot forward and curate cocktails that are interesting, delicious and experimental. While you might be a fan of your go-to classic cocktails, we know it’s hard to resist a well-made cocktail. All you have to do is head out to these locations and order the World Class Cocktail.

Naveen Kumar M has the perfect cocktail made at Seven Rivers Brewing Company with his innovative Johnnie Narangi Paan. Yes, you heard that right! Orange and Betel leaf with Johnnie Walker Black Label - this is a well-curated cocktail that is made use of some of Naveen’s favorite ingredients  

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Ananda Krishna in The 13th Floor bar can wow you with his niche recipe of Malabar Citrus Highball. It has just the right hint of spices and some Kaffir leaves that add to its appeal.

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Kalita is at Far & East at Four seasons and makes a lovely cocktail, literally! Named ’Endless Love’ it is a perfect combination of citrus elements and the flavour of clove 

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Scottish Breakfast is what Devayani Nath has named her new innovative cocktail that is available in JW Marriot. Being a big believer in breakfast being a well-rounded option, she has created a wholesome cocktail that takes elements of a scrumptious breakfast spread and incorporates it into the cocktail 

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