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1y ago

Cocktail Innovate: Whats new in the world of cocktails?

Cocktail Innovate: Whats new in the world of cocktails?

Cocktails are one of the most perpetually trendy concepts in the world. There are always new cocktails to try out and there are always different talented bartenders coming up with some of the most intriguing combinations of spirits to spice up the world of cocktails. Now with increased globalization, access to cocktails and flavours from all over the world are much easier meaning there is more and more choice and more and more scope for experimentation

Along with innovations in the cocktail recipes itself, there are new things constantly popping up in the world of cocktails and bartending. Let’s look at what some of those are this time around - 

mixed drinks
Mixed cocktails - Since some cocktails are classic and some are newer and more experimental, there is always a demand for combining the two concepts and coming up with some of the most delicious and different cocktails. Mixing different spirits and finding out what goes best with what might be time consuming, but once the right formula is found, those cocktails quickly become the consumers favorite 

bartender focus

Bartender focus - Over the years, there has been a surge in the number of consumers who realize the importance of bartenders and the role they play in ensuring the best kind of drinks. So a lot of people enjoy the involvement of bartenders in an active way while their drinks are being prepared. For example, bartending tricks which involve a lot of different fascinating and cheeky ways drinks can be made engaging to the buyers. 

cocktail maker

Home cocktail makers - With the unexpected onset of the pandemic, people over the last couple of years had to cope and adapt to the need of living at home and at the same time learn how to do the things they did normally from within the home itself. This is why there has been a surge in home cocktail makers which come with clear instructions and a fairly easy process. More and more people now have the ability to make their favorite cocktails from the comfort of their homes with these DIY kits.