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Cocktail week in Mumbai : Everything you need to know

Cocktail week in Mumbai : Everything you need to know

Mumbai is known for being the city where dreams are realised, and it does a pretty good job of maintaining that reputation. The World Class Cocktail Week is happening in this exciting city and should you fancy, you can have access to wonderful cocktails made by the best bartenders. Experience the amalgamation of just the right flavours put together expertly by bartenders who have honed their craft. 

To taste these delectable cocktails, all you have to do is head to these places and get the cocktail made by the talented bartenders themselves!

If you go to the happening Opa Kipos in Worli, you can taste Durgesh Warik’s delicious Orange infused cocktail, made with the finest ingredients and the fine spirit of Johnnie Walker Black Label 

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Omkar Shinde has created his own niche at the Blah! At BKC and charmed his way through cocktail lovers with his delicious cocktail called the Rising Sun. Made with Johnnie Walker Black Label and citrus elements, this is bound to blow your mind  

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Named beautifully, the Way of Life cocktail is available at Aasmana, Pune. Karan Vanker is the mind behind this delicious concoction made using Johnnie Walker Black Label. By the looks of the ingredients, it seems like the perfect amalgamation of subtle flavours highlighted together. Do try it out!

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At the Dome Bar and Lounge, Vikrant Nagaonkar can make you some delectable cocktails including his special Johnnie Orange and Fenel. Reminiscent of his childhood toffee memories, this cocktail might just become your next favorite one!