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5m ago

Delhi has all the best cocktails!

Delhi has all the best cocktails!

The World Class Cocktail Week has kickstarted with a bang, the numerous talented bartenders have put their best foot forward and come up with wonderful, innovative recipes that showcase their ability to make the delectable cocktails.

Every bartender has their own x-factor that they have utilized to make some of the most interesting cocktail mixes that will have you wanting more. There is nothing better than getting to taste the cocktails made by the original creators themselves. So, if you are in Delhi and want to relish the taste of new and innovative cocktails by accomplished bartenders excelling with their cocktails and making a mark nationwide, you just have to head over to some of these locations. 

At Taj Palace located in New Delhi, you can find Abhinav Souran and his delicious Beal Stone highball cocktail that has already won many hearts. If you are looking for something as experimental as a cocktail made with poppy seeds, Jayant Makhija is ready with his Orange &  poppy seed cocktail at Monet.




Amit Rawat is available at Khubani with his innovative Pomander Bal cocktail, you can always go and taste how innovatively Amit delivers his cocktail is made with its unique citrus components. 


Mohit has his recipe rooted at Klap with his inventive rendition of Orange Mint Cordial, this has the perfect citrus taste to engage your taste buds in just the right way