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Delicious bar snacks to pair with your favourite cocktails

Delicious bar snacks to pair with your favourite cocktails

A great cocktail and a delicious bar snack, sounds yummy right? Whether you are heading to a cocktail bar or whipping a cocktail at home, we have curated a mouth-watering list of the best bar snacks for you to try.

  • Pretzel Sticks

Pretzels are high in salt and starch, making them an excellent snack for alcoholic beverages. The next time you sit for a drink, don’t forget to pair it with the deliciously soft and slightly sweet pretzels fresh out of the oven.

  • Masala Peanuts

Tasty cocktails and masala peanuts are a combination you might have definitely heard of. If you haven’t tried this perfect pair yet, the next time you relish your favourite cocktail, you must pair it with this bar snack. You will not stop munching on the peanuts loaded with flavours and spices.

  • Pizza

Have you tried savouring the lusciously soft and cheesy pizza along with alcohol? A bar snack or a meal, a slice of pizza with an enticing cocktail is all you need to experience the burst of flavours and flirt your way through a combination that you will never get tired of.

  • Cheese

Imagine devouring the cheese that melts in your mouth and booze that tingles your senses. Well, the appetising cheese and alcohol are one of the culinary duos that always complete each other. Next time you pour yourself some wine or vodka or even hard liquors such as whisky or bourbon, take a bite of cheese and see the magic that unfolds.

  • Chicken Wings

If you are looking for a perfect bar snack to pair with your cocktail and give a thrilling kick to your senses, then this is just what you need. A fiery batch of chicken wings to munch on and a martini to sip on, sounds just about exciting, isn’t it?

  • Queso Fundido

Craving for something warm and cheesy? Look no further! Queso Fundido is a flavourful Mexican dish where hot melted cheese blends with delectable ingredients. Grab your cocktail, a bowl of chips or tortillas with Queso Fundido and treat your taste buds with an unbeatable explosion of flavours.

  • Nachos

Experience the culinary paradise with nachos and booze. A bowl of lip-smacking nachos and a glass of enchanting cocktail is enough to get the drool flowing, isn’t it? Whether you enjoy nachos loaded with cheese and veggies or plain nachos with dips, these will give you a crunch of heaven every time you sip it with your favourite cocktail.

  • Glazed Popcorn

Give a whole new dimension to your cocktail experience by pairing your drink with flavoured or glazed popcorn. The best thing about popcorn and drink pairings is that they complement any event. At home or the cocktail bar, for a get-together or a full-fledged party, this pairing guarantees a good time and a lip-smacking treat for the taste buds.

  • Dry Fruits & Nuts

If you are looking for a bar snack that doesn’t overpower the taste of your drink, then Dry Fruits & Nuts is the way to go. Enhance your drinking experience with roasted or unsalted dry fruits and nuts. This pairing works excellently with a tasty cocktail or a dram of exquisite whisky.

  • Dark Chocolate

If you get the match right, you will enjoy the finest marriage of flavours! Dark chocolates mingle charmingly with cocoa-flavoured alcohol or with gin cocktails. If you wish to take a bolder route, pair this bar snack with a fine dram of bourbon or whisky.

Now you know what to order with your cocktails the next time you visit a cocktail bar. With the plethora of cocktails to sip on, these bar snacks will heighten your cocktail experience like never before. Are you tempted to try these snacks with your cocktails next?