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Ditch the rose

Ditch the rose

With Valentine’s day around the corner, there is a rush to find and give only the best things for your loved ones. While roses are a lovely present to receive and we are certain they will be appreciated by the person of your interest, this valentine’s you could try and be a little more intriguing with your gifts. The key is in gauging where the person’s interests lie and what kind of gifts they will appreciate - however expensive or not the gift is. Especially if your partner is a fan of drinks and an occasional good party, we have some wonderful gift ideas that they will appreciate coming from you. Let’s take a look at a few - 

wine cooler
1.    Wine Chiller - This could be one of the most useful gifts you can give to anyone who drinks and would love to store a few drinks at their home. This is essentially a small refrigerator like storage box that will ensure that your drinks are kept at optimum temperature. The best part? You get to decide and set the temperature that you want your drinks to be in. 

shot glasses

2.    Interesting shot glasses - There are a lot of shot glasses out there that are not conventional when it comes to design and make. This could make for a very sweet and cheeky gift for your lovely valentine. Some examples can be colored shot glasses, or shot glasses with designs on them or even shot glasses that have things embedded in them as a form of design strategy. 

hanging bar_

3.    Hanging cocktail bar - These are extremely chic gifts that require just a minimal assistance when it comes to installation. They provide a very sophisticated look to the house and add positively towards home decor. If you know your loved one’s taste in home decor and choose the hanging cocktail bar accordingly, you might just succeed in buying one of their most favorite gifts. These might be easier to give if you are having a Valentine’s day date in your partner’s house. 

martini picks

4.    Martini picks - There are some very intricately designed and trendy looking martini picks out there that might be just the perfect gift for your valentine this February. This can add a pretty twist to all their gatherings and brighten up their serves.

steel straw

5.    Stainless steel straws - This can be the perfect gift to ensure that a step is being taken towards sustainable living. While they can add this to their collection of bar equipment as a cherished valentine’s day gift, you also get to have contributed positively towards the environment on the whole in your own way!


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