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Festive must-haves for a great house party

Festive must-haves for a great house party

Decors enhance the ambience of your room and uplift the mood of your party! We have curated an interesting list of ideas and festive-must haves for your next great house party!

1. Attractive Decors

Decors are an essential part of house parties. Here’s you can get your house festive-ready for great parties:

  • Give your house a festive makeover with stylish furniture, bright wall hangings, and lively cushions! 
  • Add extra sparkle with fairy lights and bright amps
  • Use colourful fabric to add a vivacious touch to your decorations.
  • Use a huge brass pot filled with water and add some floating diyas and flowers for a traditional touch.
  • Go creative with DIY elements to add an extra layer of sparkle


2. Great Music System

Music and house parties are a match made in heaven! Best-in-class sound system complete with large party speakers, disco lights and an exciting playlist of groovy music.


3. Biodegradable Party Essentials

Worried that your precious glassware might break amidst the frenzy of house party mode? Use disposable partyware!

Go sustainable with eco-friendly party essentials such as cups, plates and cutlery. Make a climate-conscious choice by opting for biodegradable partyware and contribute towards a greener planet by reducing plastic waste.


4. Spirits & Mixers

Serve your guests some delectable cocktails to sip on! Stock up your home bar with a range of essential liquors, mixers, syrups and bar tools and create some versatile drinks to impress your guests.

Here are some of the definitive whiskies you shouldn’t miss - Johnnie Walker Black Label, The Singleton, and Talisker Single Malt. Enjoy these on rocks or neat or craft an indulging whisky cocktail to entice your guests!

Ketel One Vodka and Tanqueray London Dry Gin are also essential spirits that you can stock up to whip some decadent cocktails.


5. Engaging Games

Add some epic activities and games to your house party to make it even more enjoyable. Here are a few game ideas curated for you:

  • You can use a Spin The Bottle Board for an exciting game of dares and stories. 
  • Tarot Cards for some goofy and intriguing game time
  • A karaoke set to invite the closet singers
  • Murder Mystery game kit for a thrilling game of chasing clues

Did these ideas inspire you? If yes, then go ahead and deck up your house with these festive must-haves to host a great and memorable house party!